Los Angeles Auto Show

Los Angeles Auto Show has been Rescheduled to May 2021


Los Angeles Auto Show has been Rescheduled to May 2021. Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19, auto shows have either been canceling or postponing left and right.

However, it now seems that the Los Angeles Auto Show is no exception. Automotive News claims that the Los Angeles auto show event originally programmed to take place in the second half of November has been rescheduled for May 21st – 31st, 2021.

It is however believed an official announcement from show’s organizers confirmed that the new dates could come as early as this week.


Los Angeles Auto Show

However, if the event scheduled to take place in the City of Angels will be moved to may next year. It means that it will be sandwiched between the New York Auto Show which is due to commence in April.

And the Detroit Show (NAIAS) in June. As pointed out by “Automotive News”, It will be tricky for car manufacturers to decide where to unveil their shiny new model of cars.

Considering that there will be major auto shows in a three-month timeframe instead of the usual seven-month window in a regular year.

Steps Taken by Los Angeles Auto Show Organizers

Organizers of the shows in New York and Detroit had no other option. But to cancel the events, and this was because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The same thing also applies to the Paris Motor Show. It had been however scheduled for early October, but it’s no longer going to take place.

When talking about the Beijing auto shows. It was supposed to commence in April and has been pushed back to the end of Sep. Meanwhile, the china show is still happening, from Sep 26th to October 5th.

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Meanwhile with the wide majority of auto shows reschedule or canceled. Automakers have however decided to organize their own reveal events. And most of them are taking place exclusively online.

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