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Facebook gameroom is a platform where gamers can easily discover and follow live and prerecorded gaming contents, connect with online gaming creators and also play instant games online without having to download them. Now this social media gaming platform does not only allow gamers to play and connect with friends, do you know you can also earn some money while playing?, Here’s how to.

Facebook Gameroom


How to Make Money While Streaming Facebook Gameroom

This strategy was created to attract users to patronize the social media new gaming app, Facebook Gaming. many people have discovered this and more are joining the queue to know how this can be possible.

Streaming is the transmission of audio or video files from a server to a client. Now this how Facebook users make some money while streaming.



In this method streamers earn through moderate or little donations from enthusiastic fans. This fans can make donation by using Facebook gaming stars, little donations or by subscribing to the streamer’s channel. So the more dedicated fans you have, the more subscriptions and the more earns. You might be wondering, “how can i get that much fans”, well this is how;

First of all you need to be part of the Level Up Program or partnered with the platform, Facebook.

What is a Level-Up Program?

This is a program users join to unlock features and monetize all your gaming streams with stars, broadcast in high definition (H.D) on Facebook and get a badge. One important thing to note before you apply for the level up program is that you must up to the age of 18 or older.

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Another thing is that the level-up program is not available for all countries worldwide so before rushing to apply, you need to check the countries in which this program is available. Once your country has been approved, you are automatically qualified to apply for the program. Here are the requirements needed to apply for the program;

  • Visit you creator dashboard to register
  • You must have a verified and active Facebook account
  • Next, you must be at the age of or above the age of 18
  • you should have at least 100 followers on your page
  • One should be a dedicated streamer i.e you should be able to stream contents saved to your page for at least 4 hours in a period of two weeks. (deleted videos do not count)
  • Your contents must have streamed 2 days or more in the last two weeks
  • Have an active GAMING VIDEO CREATOR that must have been active for at least 30 days or more
  • With the game tagged, you need to stream a game for at least 4 hours in the last two weeks
  • contents should have been streamed for at least 48 hours in the 14 days period
  • you must have been active for at least 14 days.

Now you can apply for the level up program and start monetizing your streams.

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