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Facebook Dating App | How to use the Facebook Dating App


Let’s talk about the Facebook dating app. Facebook is doing everything possible to make sure users enjoy the best of their Facebook app. It is quite interesting to hear that you can catch up with new people and old friends in one spot. As long as you have your Facebook account you are few steps close to having access to your dating platform.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook also did something classy to their dating platform. You have to be a mature mind before you can access the dating platform. The dating app was made with parental control access. And this is to say you have to be 18 years or above before you can access the dating app.


We would show you what you need to know about the Facebook dating app and how it can be accessed on your mobile phone.

What is Facebook dating app?

So many people have gotten everything wrong about the Facebook dating app. Most users think they will have to download the app before it can be used, No. the Facebook dating app is not one that needs to be downloaded, as long as you have your Facebook app installed in your phone.

You have everything you need for your dating app, the only thing withholding you is your access to the platform. The Facebook app is like an app in your Facebook app. This makes the Facebook app stand out as one of the best.

The Facebook dating app grants access to creating another profile for yourself on your dating app. This profile can only be created if you are 18 years ad above.

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When you have created your profile as a newbie on the platform. Facebook will add your profile on the suggestion list and old users will be able to see and chat with you on their feed. One can only be suggested to people you share the same interest with.

You can find someone you have interest in and drop a comment on their profile or probably like their image, you don’t really marsh up with people before you can send messages but you can go through the secret crush platform where you can add your Facebook friends or Instagram followers when you link your profile.

Facebook Dating app Setup

Creating your own Facebook dating profile is not really difficult to do but first, you must have the updated Facebook app installed on your device.

  • Open your Facebook mobile app and click on the three parallel line bar at the top of your Facebook home screen.
  • The dating icon will be seen there. But if you can’t get it, you will click the “see more” icon, and a list of options will come down.
  • Click the dating icon and get started with your profile creation.
  • You will be asked to choose you for gender. It’s better to use your real gender to make your profile match with your Facebook profile after then you will select your location and the profile picture you intend using.
  • You will fill your personal details such as religion, educational background, jobs, height, and marital status.

After you are done creating your profile, the next step is to click on done to save your profile and enjoy your new dating app.

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Now you have finished creating your dating profile. Facebook will suggest match-ups for you after some days. You will get matches up notifications and you can react to the match you like.

Your Facebook dating would have nothing t do with your Facebook account so your privacy is rested assured.


If you want someone to know you are crushing on them just go to the secret crush to add them. One can only add 9 people on the list.

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