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Facebook Avatar: Why can’t i find the Facebook avatar on my app


The Facebook avatar feature was released in the app on May 13, 2020, and so many Facebook users are already in the limelight. They have been creating their own avatars and sharing it all over their stories and comments. While many Facebook users are enjoying the use of their avatars. Some other users are complaining of not getting updates on how to create an avatar or how to find one.

Facebook Avatar

What is Facebook Avatar?

Facebook just launched the rolling out of its new avatar feature. Rolling-out literally means to unveil a new product but the product will only be available in a few places. These roll-out has also affected Facebook avatar and it has limited users from other regions to make use or even create one for themselves.


Most Facebook users have the new Facebook avatar feature on their app but are having issues on how to locate or can’t access it, it easy to find your Facebook avatar and create one if you haven’t got anyone.

How to find your Facebook avatar

If you have the latest Facebook app installed on your phone and you find it hard to locate it. It quite easy, just click on the comment box, tap the smiley, and click on the sticker icon.

There you will find your avatar but if you haven’t created any avatar you can go ahead and create one by tapping the create your avatar icon and customize your avatar. You can also find your avatar by tapping on the menu key on your Facebook home page and scroll down. Click on see more, there you will find your avatar and access them.

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Why can’t I find my avatar on my Facebook App?

Roll out is not in your country

The head of the Facebook app Fidji Simo reportedly said the launch of the Facebook avatar was only in the United State of America. And the feature will soon be available in other regions like Australia, Canada, and other European countries. All users should be ready for the roll-out very soon. The date of the roll-out for other users has been kept undefined.

Roll out the update is not available in your app

Most users in the US are also complaining of not having the avatar feature in their app. This rollout will be available to everyone very soon.

So if you are in the United States and can’t get access to how you can create your avatar. Have it in mind that the update will reach everyone in different places very soon and it will be in a short while.

Your phone operating system

It was announced that The Facebook avatar will be available for android and ios devices. But there is the probability that you might not be able to access the avatar feature on time depending on your phone operating system or version. There is an assurance that this feature will reach every phone not minding the version or operating system.

The old version of the Facebook app installed

Most new features of app require a newer version of the app. So it could be said that you have not gotten the avatar feature because you are using an old version.

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You are to update and reinstall your Facebook app to get the new avatar feature. If the avatar is not available on your updated app you definitely have to wait for the roll-out to be available on your app.

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