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Facebook Avatar is a new Feature on FB. Before then let’s talk about FB. Facebook is a social media platform where people (users to be precise) get to interact and communicate with other Facebook users. Such as friends, families, and even business partners.

Facebook Avatar



The newly launched Facebook Avatar is now taking over the internet and so many people have been creating avatars of themselves. Though, the feature is only available in the United States and some other parts of Europe. That is, Facebook Avatar is not yet available in other countries.


Facebook Avatar Creator

This feature allows users to create avatars or cartoon-like images of themselves. As soon as these avatars are being created, users can now use them to communicate.

They can as well share the avatars to family and friends and also use them in comment sections. Interestingly, the new feature is not restricted to other social platforms.

Meaning that it can be used to communicate on other social media platforms. The Facebook Avatar is not yet available in some countries but I believe that with time, it will get to other parts of the world.

Why can’t I access the feature?

You can not access the Avatar feature probably because your FB mobile app is not upgraded. And also, the feature is currently not available in your country.

How to create a Facebook Avatar 2020

Creating an avatar is very fast and simple. All you need to do is to kindly and patiently follow up in this article. To create an avatar:

  • Make sure your Facebook mobile app is updated or else you won’t be able to access the Facebook avatar.
  • Now that you are running the latest version of Facebook, open your Facebook mobile app. Then click on Menu.
  • Click on “See More” and then on “Avatars”.
  • After clicking on “Avatars”, tap “Next” and “Get Started”.
  • Here, you can now start creating your own avatar. Choose your skin tone, face shape, nose shape, makeup, hairstyle, hair color, body shape, preferred outfits, etc.
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Once you are through with creating your avatars, click on the checkmark icon. Then tap “Next” and “Done”.

How to make use of the Facebook Avatar


To make use of the avatar, just click on the “Smiley” icon. You can locate the smiley icon in the comment section. Then choose your preferred avatar icon and send it.

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