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Facebook Avatar 2020 | How to Make Avatar on Messenger | Facebook Avatar Creator


The new Facebook avatar is now trending on the internet. It has brought a wide range of excitement to its app. These avatars are more like bitmojis used on Snapchat. But they can be used for different functions on your Facebook app. The Facebook avatar gives you the ability to make a cartoon person of yourself. These cartoon customized person can be used to react to friend’s posts and messages sent to you.

Facebook Avatar Creator Create Facebook Avatar 2020

Most bitmojis app has a variety of prices for buying in-app accessories for making an avatar but the Facebook avatar comes for free and you won’t charge money for accessories. It quite easy to customize your avatar for yourself, we have provided you the guides on how to make or customize your avatar just like other Facebook users have been doing.


How can I make my personal Facebook Avatar?

Getting started for your Facebook avatar? You should remember that the Facebook avatar can only be made with the Facebook app, so be sure that you have an updated Facebook app on your phone. Follow the step below to create your own Facebook avatar.

  • If you have your Facebook app installed go to your Facebook home page.
  • You will find the three parallel lines option bar at the top left part of your home page.
  • Click on it and a menu will open. Scroll down the menu and press the see more icon.
  • Then you will see other options, the avatar icon is one of them.
  • Tap on the icon and get started with creating your avatar.
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Facebook Avatar Creator

The Facebook avatar has no gender differentiation, so it quite easy to customize your avatar the way you want. The first thing you have to do is to customize your face.

You can choose if you want it to be a light complexion or dark. Your avatar can be bald or hairy depending on what you want it to look like. Or you can customize it after your real facial feature.

One can mold your eyes, choose the color you want, you can also choose your nose shape and eye shape. You are provided with eyeglasses you can use to make your avatar look more beautiful.

You will be provided with a mirror option you can use at the top right corner of the app to help you see your face when you are creating your avatar, with that you can create and compare your real face with your avatar to get a proper avatar.

After making your avatars face, you now move to your body shape and choose the right outfit you want for your avatar. When you are done creating your avatar you will save it by clicking.

How can I use my Facebook Avatar?

After creating your avatars you can use them in different ways such as your Facebook stories and messages. Your avatar will be used to make stickers and emoji by Facebook you can locate this sticker on your comment box.

  • By clicking the stickers icon, you will find the avatar icon.
  • Click on any emoji you want to use on your comment.
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Your avatar can be used on your messenger app. After creating your avatar you will find a three-bar icon at the upper right corner click on any sticker you wish to use and send.

There is an option either to send to a messenger or more option, you can click on more options if you want to share with other apps or choose messenger and select who you want to send to.

How can I edit my avatar?

Your avatar can be used for your profile picture and you can also choose if you want it to remain permanent on your profile or temporal.


If you feel there is any need to change your avatar or you want to edit your avatar you can go to the avatar creation platform and click on the pencil tab located at the upper right corner of the app, you will be taken to the creation platform where you can make changes and save.

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