Toyota 2020 Camry

The Best Between The 2020 Toyota Camry And Toyota Corolla


It will be quite difficult for you to decide on the best between the 2020 Toyota Camry and Toyota corolla. They are both very good cars based on their own features and tech.

Probably car buyers looking for a quite affordable and reliable sedan to buy will end up with these two cars.
Both are very good sedans.

Now lets Compare.


Extremely Fast Cars

2020 Toyota Camry And Toyota Corolla Performance

  • Both cars have very strong engines with high capabilities.
  • Reports show that the 2020 Camry has a higher standard 2.5L four-cylinder engine which releases 203 horsepower and has an available 3.5L V6 engine with 301 horsepower. While the 2020 corolla comes with a 1.8 four-cylinder engine that has a horsepower of 139.
  • And also a 2.0 ltr four-cylinder with a 169 horsepower engine is available.
  • Both of their four-wheel-capabilities improves their efficiency and gives the power needed for you to get to your destination.
  • Both of them have independent McPherson Strut Front suspension that helps in making your ride smoothly over potholes and bumps.
  • They have also a feature that aids in electric power that will help you to maneuver effectively.

2020 Toyota Camry And Toyota Corolla Modern Technology

  • The technology intelligence of both cars is the same. Both of them have the capability of standard Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
  • Though the Camry model possesses an additional feature for connectivity with an app known as the Toyota+Alexa app which can aid in customizing your ride.
  • Both of these sedans have a unique audio system with Clari-Fi and JBL.
  • The audio system kicks-off with a standard 6-speakers and an option to upgrade to 9 in order to provide a sound that will be crystal clear on your ride.
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Their Hybrid Options

  • The 2020 Camry and Corolla both come with a hybrid option available to offer an effective fuel efficiency.
  • Both the Camry Hybrid LE and the Corolla Hybrid LE reaches a combined 52 rating of mpg.
  • The Hybrid Camry Model has a powerful 2.5L Dynamic Force, a four-cylinder engine that has a horsepower of 176 and ECVT.
  • This 2020 corolla hybrid has a four-cylinder-engine of 1.8Ltr together with a 121 horsepower and ECVT. However, it lacks the Dynamic Force engine.
  • The 2020 Camry also offers 3 variations of hybrid which are: Hybrid SE, Hybrid LE, and Hybrid XLE. The corolla only has one Hybrid.

2020 Toyota Camry And Toyota Corolla Fuel Economy

  • Both cars are good in fuel economy. As both vehicles come with a standard advanced engine that works with a dual variable valve timing with intelligence(Dual VVT-i).
  • This Dual Variable Timing with intelligence aids the engine in using only the amount of gas required for the vehicle.
  • Though they are not being powered by the same transmission system. Due to the diverse transmission system, its fuel economy differs.
  • The Toyota Corolla is able to rise up to 37 mpg EPA-estimated on the highway with its standard 1.8 cylinder engine added to its continuous variable Transmission with shift mode and intelligence.
  • Toyota Camry’s 2.5 ltr four-cylinder standard engine uses an electronically Controlled Automatic Overdrive Transmission together with shifty mode and intelligence.
  • It permits the Toyota Camry to bring about a 35 mpg highway run based on EPA estimation


  • Toyota Camry(192.1-192.7 inch) depending on the trim level.
  • Corolla Sedan(182.3 inches).
  • Corolla Hatchback(172.0 inches).
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  • Toyota Camry(72.4 inches).
  • Corolla Sedan(70.5 inches).


  • Toyota Camry(56.9 inches).
  • Corolla Sedan(56.5 inches).
  • Corolla Hatchback(57.1 inches).
  • The Toyota Camry has a wider range of available technology features more compared to the corolla.
  • The smaller corolla is quite a popular choice because of the price tag is lower.
  • Though the Camry offers more space and luxuriously featured techs.
  • Both of them are available as a hybrid option.
  • The Camry is quite costly compared to the corolla just as expected because of its exquisite features.
  • The Camry has an available in-car Wi-Fi hotspot and an updated version of Toyota’s Entune infotainment system.
  • It also has a remote connection that enables the driver to lock and unlock the cars remotely, set the parameters for teen drivers, and also keep nice track of its maintenance.
  • They both come with a 7.0-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system.

However, Toyota gives its buyers the reward of an 8.0-inch touchscreen but for those who step up to the trim level. It has a six-speaker setup for the standard stereo. They also offer both cars with a nine-speaker system but at an additional cost. Though its navigation is optional also.

For Camry:

  • The horsepower for the Camry 3.6L V6 engine is 301.
  • While the horsepower for 2.5L Dynamic Force I4 engine is 203.
  • The torque for Camry 3.6L V6 engine is 267 lb-ft.
  • While the torque for 2.5 Dynamic Force I4 engine is 184 lb-ft.

For Camry 2.5L Dynamic Force I4 engine

  • City mpg 29
  • Highway mpg 41

For Camry 3.6L V6 engine

City mpg 29
Highway mpg 41

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The horsepower for the corolla 1.8L I4 engine is 139.
The horsepower for the corolla 2.0L I4 engine is 169.
The torque for 1.8L I4 engine is 126 lb-ft
The torque for 2.0L I4 engine is 151 lb-ft

For the corolla 1.8L I4 engine:

City mpg is 31
Highway mpg is 38

For corolla 2.0L engine

City mpg is 31
Highway mpg is 38.

Price for 2020 camry is: MSRP $24,425


Price for 2020 corolla is: MSRP $19,600

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