Toyota Supra GRMN

Take a Look At The Upcoming Toyota Supra GRMN With Its BMW Engine and A 510 Horsepower


The upcoming Toyota Supra GRMN will surface with a BMW engine. Report from Japan claims that the Toyota supra GRMN will come with the same Powertrain as the upcoming BMW M3 and M4.
As the case states, the Toyota Supra is powered by a BMW 3.0-liter single turbocharged six-cylinder and is rated to release 382 horsepower and 368 pounds of torque.


Toyota Supra GRMN


Toyota Supra's Rear View


This car is capable of reaching the range of 0 to 60 Mph under four seconds. Toyota is on the hunt for more power and high performance and has turned to BMW’s division to make it happen.
Report from Japan claims that the new 3.0 ltr Twin-turbo six set that is to be used by the recent M3 and M4 which is already used by the X3 and X4 M, will be inserted into a new model which is known as the Toyota Supra GRMN

Toyota Supra GRMN’s Expected Performance

The Toyota Supra GRMN will be able to provide the Japanese sports car with a healthy dose of healthy performance. As it could be good for 512 horsepower and 448 lb-ft of torque.
The eight-speed-transmission of the current Supra that is standard will supposedly be interchanged out for a dual-clutch seven-speed. In order to face the added grunt while providing quicker shifts. This would be rather interesting if it’s true as the M3 and M4 will both possess an eight-speed torque converter.


Power will be exclusively sent through the rear wheel. Meanwhile, if these reports tend to be true, we will still have to exercise patience for a long time as the Supra GRMN will not be debuted until 2023.

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Toyota Supra GRMN
In addition, it might be capped worldwide at just 200 units. This will likely make it a hot property among enthusiasts and collectors.

Supra GRMN’s Arrival

The limited-edition the Toyota Supra with a BMW Power is arriving in showrooms in 2023. According to a report by Best Car. Which is a Japanese magazine citing unnamed sources?
Toyota has reportedly persuaded BMW. In order for them to use one of their most prized engines in a limited run of Supra coupes.
Meanwhile, the same engine is not expected to be available to the twin of the Toyota Supra under the skin. The BMW Z4 convertible.
The Best Car report also claims that the engine will have an outstanding peak output equivalent to about 608Nm/382kW. And it will also be backed up by a high performance, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

More Reports On The Supra GRMN

The report states that the production of Toyota Supra GRMN will be limited to only 200 units. This will make Supra very rare. However, I don’t think that there will even be up to 200 loyal customers that will be able to exercise the patience of waiting for its debut which reports states will be in 2023. As that’s a really long time from now.
I don’t think BMW will just give out one of its most priced engines just like that. As they might think that it will affect their sales as it will be a threat to them. But come to think of it, if the GRMN will only be available in 200 units, then it won’t be much of a threat to them.

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There is also an extended rumor about the car. The report also claims that the production of the car will cease to commence after 2025. And there will be no replacement in its works.
To elucidate things, it seems like the GRMN could serve as a final edition of the car. It will be sold alongside the six-and-cylinder models to conclude the sports car production.
They concluded the rumor by saying that the price for the GRMN. It is stated that the price for the GRMN will be about $112,000 in the US currency.

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