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o2tvseries is a platform where you can get all your favorite, new, and updated Hollywood and English series online. The site is very efficient as it provides you a very fast and convenient way to download and even stream all your TV series available on the platform. Series like power season 5, power season 5, the originals, and much more can be downloaded from the o2tvseries.com website.


O2tvseries lets you watch and stream movies on the platform without paying for any subscription. That means that the site offers all their movies for free, with no need of making any form of payment.


However, the movies you see from o2TVSeries are compatible with all devices, be it mobile, tablet, or PC. You can watch movies in different file format, 3GP, MP4, and HD formats. The data charges for every movie downloaded is low and very affordable.

In o2TVSeries, you can download a variety of movies of different genres. There are over hundreds of TV Series on the website, and below is a list of some of the series on the platform.

TV Series to watch and download on o2TVSeries

On the website, you can download and find your favorite movies on the platform. You can find unexpected movies and tv series like:

  • o2tvseries power season 5
  • power season 6
  • o2tvseries the originals
  • Knight Squad
  • Cursed
  • Charmed Season 2 and other seasons
  • Power Book 2 Ghost and other Seasons
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Supernatural s15 and other season and so much more

o2TVSeries or 02tvseires Platform Overview

One of the amazing things about the website is its graphics and interface. It’s very easy to use and understand when downloading with o2TVSeries, you can easily search for movies, get updated on recent downloads. The website is divided into different sections for easy understanding and accessibility.

When you launch the site, the first thing that gets your attention is the site’s logo at the top of the site. Above the logo, you will get a link to the homepage, a list of all TV Series, and a list of all Genres. Below the logo, you will find the search bar and so on.

Search Bar: Easily Search for Movies or TV-series on o2tvseries

The Search Bar on the website makes it easy to find and download TV series without the stress of going through lots of series to download one of your choices.

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You can search for movies by typing the name of the movie in the search bar which is located at the top of the site somewhere below the website logo, and it will bring out all the available content in the site relating to your site. This makes it easy for users to check if a particular series is in the database of the website or rather get access to their favorite series quickly and fast.

Apart from searching from the search bar, you can also search for movies by their genre. At the top of the site, there is a link that allows you to search for movies by their genre.

If you like action movies, you can easily go through the genre list and click on the action, you will get the list of all action movies on the site. Once you can see the list of all the action movies on the site, you can easily pick any one of your choices to watch, the same applies to other genres.

Recently Added Movies (Latest Free & Updated Movies List)

The recently added section is one of the most important parts of the website for fans and frequent users. This section shows an updated series on the website, you get to see a list of recently added series on the website.


Most active users only view the recently added section when they visit the site, because they already know the movie they are looking for and they wait for the next release. Once an episode of any series is out, they are updated in the recently added section notifying users and fans.

Meanwhile, the list of movies in the recently added section is not downloadable through the section. This means that if you have a movie to download listed in the recently added section, you need to either search from the search bar to get and download the movie or rather you go through the category section and download the movie.

o2tvseries A – Z Movie Download Section.

This is the main part of the website. Though before you can see the list of movies on the website, there are some sponsored ads on the site. This is for promotion purposes.

However, the interesting about the platform is the arrangement of the movies on the site. They are arranged alphabetically for easy access and understanding. The TV series are arranged base on the first character of the movie, below are examples of how the series is arranged in the platform.

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TV Series Section

  • A – B – C
    TV Series starting with A, B, or C
    2Fo2tvseriesEg. Arrow, Agents of Shield, Breaking Bad, Castle, etc
  • D – E – F
    TV Series starting with D, E, or F
    Eg. Dexter, Dragonball Z, Doctor Who, Friends, Fringe, etc
  • G – H – I
    TV Series starting with G, H, or I
    Eg. How I Met Your Mother, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, Gotham, etc
  • J – K – L
    TV Series starting with J, K, or L
    Eg. Lost, Lost Girl, Jane The Virgin, etc
  • M-N-O
  • P-Q-R
  • S-T-U
  • V-W-X
  • Y – Z – #
    TV Series starting with Y, Z or #
    Eg. 24, 2 Broke Girls, etc.

How to download TV Series on o2TVSeries.

Downloading a movie from o2TVSeries is very easy, all you need to have is Data Bundle, a device, and disk space in your device. Below are steps to download movies from the website.

  • Firstly you launch the site (https://o2tvseries.com).
  • Now, you find the movie you want to download, through the steps listed above. To recap, you can get your movie through the search bar or by going through the TV series section to get your movie using the first character series title.
  • Once you have gotten the movie, you click on it and it takes you to a page where you select the season you want to download from. After clicking on the season, you will be directed to another page where you select the episode.
  • When you have gotten your desired season and episode, you will now be directed to the page where you will download the movie. On this page, three different formats are listed with the number of downloads per the file format. You can download your movie in 3GP format, MP4 format, and HD format.
  • After selecting your desired format, now you will be directed to where you get the link to download the movie into your device. Sometimes security pass is needed, after passing the security check and clicking on the download link your movie starts downloading immediately.

File Format Extension

Movies are in three file format extensions, 3GP, MP4, and HD. The site offers these formats for easy and convenient use for users.

  • 3GP file format is the lowest of all, and it is not recommended to download, for it has very poor video quality, and also it’s mostly for devices running a lower version of Android OS. Though it also has the smallest data bundle consumption.
  • The MP4 format is a standard format, it can be recommended if you do not have much data bundle and yet want to enjoy your series. It is much better than 3GP.
  • Finally, the HD format is the highest of all formats on the site. It requires more data bundles and it offers high video quality of about 720p resolution.
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Below the site, a Bitcoin address is provided there for fans and users to donate and support the platform if you are impressed by their services.

Is o2tvseries Legal (02tvseries)?

The honest truth is that download movies from sites like this are illegal and it is against the law. If you can afford to pay for the movies from a legal platform like Amazon prime videos, Netflix, Disney, and other legal platforms, then do so.



Finally, the only annoying thing about the site is its pop up ADs, it gets very annoying to try to download a movie or search for a series, and you are redirected to an unknown site. This can get frustrating and annoying but apart from that, the site is a wonderful site that helps and provides you all your favorite recent and classic series.

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