O2TVSeries: Download Free o2tvseries.com TV Series, Movies and Shows 2020, 2021


Have you ever wished that there is a site where you wish you can download Complete Season series in various formats like 3GP, HD, and also MP4 formats, if you haven’t the then this is a great chance because the O2tvseries offers all and much more.


What is O2TVSeries?

If you haven’t heard of O2TVSeries, or you probably you didn’t hear about it before, and you don’t know what it is, also what exactly happens there. O2TVSeries is similar to a host of other websites that can be used to download the latest TV Series for free.


However, O2TVSeries has been in existence since the days of old blackberry days. It is quite popular in some places around the world.

It is one of the best websites you can download all the best and also the latest movies, series, and movies of your choice. Despite some occurrences happening around you in the world, most esp the pandemic, you should still be able to have fun.

This is the best among the rest platform for TV Series and also Movies compared to all similar platforms just like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix.


This goes to all the movie lovers out there, those who are always eager to watch new series and also new episodes of movies. This is one of the best websites you can download all the latest episodes and series you are looking for free.

No doubt about this platform, it is a great website for users especially that want to watch series in 3GP and MP4 movie formats also on Personal computers and mobile phones especially. I must say that O2TVSeries is a recommendable site that you will not want to miss on


The website has a very simple and user-friendly interface

Series are also organized in an orderly way. Their series are organized in an alphabetical, so you can imagine how easy and fast you can navigate through series you would like to download. Also, new releases appears on top, you won’t have to browse and search a number of pages before finding the latest series, movie, or that episode movie you just finished watching

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O2TVSeries also have both the latest and old series. Various video qualities are also available. These range from 3GP to MP4 Video, it also provides videos especially for mobile phones if you choose to download on to a mobile phone.

missing out one thing which is the platform has custom Google search that returns the result from both their sites which include tvshos4mobile and o2tvseries for personal computer, isn’t that great.

Features of O2TVSeries.com

  • 100% free site to download movies and TV Series
  • All movies on the platform are of quality and are protected by copyright
  • O2TVSeries has a user-friendly User Interface that helps you to easily download favorite movies and TV Series

How to Download O2TVseries Movies on a Computer

As i explained above, the site is divided into two, one is for mobile users and the other is for computer users

Visit the site at O2tvseries.com

The homepage contains sections namely: the recently added and the general tv series collection. In the Recently Added section, you will find the latest episodes of the tv series. The episodes listed are not clickable. To download an episode, you can either scroll down to the section where all the tv series are listed alphabetically or you can just use the search bar which I prefer.

From the search result, click the most appropriate result which links to O2tvseries.

Navigate to the Desired Episode

If the result does not lead to the exact episode or season you chose to download, the top provides navigation to the root directory of the series from which you can browse a specific episode and also season.

Select video quality

After browsing and opening the episode you chose to download, you will be asked to choose a download quality. MP4 is highly recommended.

Then click on the file and on the next page, you will be asked to enter a displayed caption to prove that you are human and now click continue to download

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However, in some browsers, the download may start automatically while in some others the video will start playing right away. Press Ctrl+S and save the file if the video starts playing instead of downloading

This will start the download right away.

How to download Movies on Mobile

Visit the site at tvshow4mobile

The website homepage is divided into two categories, the recently Added episodes, and the general series collection

Search for series

Head over to the search bar and enter the series title if you have located a series that you like from the recent section. For instance, if you want to download legacies season 4, enter “Legacies season 7” and click the search button. From the list of result, click on the right one with a link to tvshows4mobile

Navigate to the desired episode

If what your searching for does not lead to the exact episode you chose to download, use the navigation at the top to move to the root directory of the series and choose the desired episode.

Choose video quality

You will be required to choose a download quality after choosing your choice of movie. MP4 is recommendable for you. On most occasions, it may require you to verify that you are not a robot by entering a displayed caption.

Click on continue to download after entering the caption. Then when it starts playing the video, press long on the player and click download.

Sometimes, in some browsers, the download will automatically play without playing the video.

O2TVSeries App Review

I have to tell you there is no app for this site if you wish to download the 02TVSeries app. This website is very popular to most users might expect them to have an app where they can easily download series.

At the moment, the site only has an O2 Updates App. Currently, you can download HD o2tv movies series for now. The post will be updated if there are decision changes in the future.

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Download Best and Trending TV Shows and Series 2020 and 2021 on O2TVSeries

  • The Circle
  • Cheer
  • Love is blind
  • White Lines
  • Certified
  • Unbelievable
  • The Eddy
  • The stranger
  • The Good place
  • The last dance
  • Outer Banks
  • Legacies Season 5
  • Working in progress
  • Feel Good
  • Money heist
  • The flash
  • Gangs of London
  • Batwoman
  • Elite
  • The letter for the King


Well, you already know there are more than a hundred sites that upload the latest and trending series out there, including o2tvmovies. But only TVshows4mobile and Mobile TVshows come as close as its competitors.



We respect the authorities part of the world. We do not encourage users to make use of the site, instead, we urge them to make a well-informed decision. Now that you know everything about using O2Tvseries, whatever you decide to do it at your own risk.

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