Car Battery Problem

How To Know When Your Car Battery Needs Replacement And How To Choose The Best Battery


You need to know when your car battery needs replacement. Everything in this life has an expiry date. Nothing lasts forever as everything has its own estimated time of existence.

Car Battery Problem

We humans who invented those techs even have our lifespan here on earth to talk of artificial materials.


Car Battery: Nothing Lasts Forever

Every brand new car comes with its own engine but they have their estimated time of proper functioning. There are things that we can’t prevent but rather be ready for its unforeseen effect. Cars are mechanically constructed and are to be expected to wear down even though it’s not going to be in the nearest future. There is nothing on this planet that cannot be replaced. Even human bodies get replaced with artificial ones when they are damaged.

The car battery is supposed to last for a long time but keep in mind its breakdown and to put in a new one. Before going into details about how to know the best battery for your car. You need to know when it is dying and needs replacement.

Signs On How To Know When Your Car Battery Is Dying And Needs Replacement

Here are some signs needed for you to know that your battery needs replacement

Dim Headlights

Headlights dim when it is not receiving enough power needed to shine as they are supposed to. If you notice that your headlights are not shining as bright as they used to. Then checking your battery should be in your consideration.

Slow engine cranking

It is among the symptoms of a dying battery. The current is pulled by the engine from the battery each time it starts. When your battery is about to die, there’s a possibility that your engine will be slow to crank.

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Electrical problems

Modern cars now have lots of electronic accessories which include: power windows, dashboard lights, windshield wipers, power seats, and so on… and these accessories need electricity which comes from your vehicle’s battery to function as programmed. You need to have your battery checked if you notice these accessories acting shady.

Old Battery

A normal car battery is supposed to last for about four to five years old. However, its lifespan can fluctuate according to the driving temperatures(be it hot or cold). And also how you drive. If your car battery has reached up to four years, you might want to test its lifespan to know how much life is still remaining in it. But if you aren’t sure of how old your car battery is, then you need to check its production date. It is often located in the case of the battery.

In a case where you can’t find it and you don’t know if it is up to four years. Then you need to put testing it into consideration.

Swollen Battery Case

Technically, this battery we are using is a chemical reaction that is confined in a box. There is one sure fact about chemical reactions, which is that things can go wrong. Every battery needs to be at a normal temperature. If a battery is always being exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, then its sides might swell. When such a thing occurs then the battery cant be saved as it needs to be replaced.

Clicking Key Sound

A normal engine is supposed to crank. But if your engine doesn’t crank at all, then it is just a signal. Its a signal indicating you that the power available is too low and not enough to crank the engine. In such circumstances, even if you try turning the key of the car or allow it to cool and come back. It will still result in the same outcome.

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So if your car refuses to be ignited and you only keep hearing clicking noises. Then there are only two possible outcomes, either the battery is almost dead or totally dead.

Battery Terminals Loosed

You need to check if the terminals of your battery are connected properly. You might misunderstand them for a dying battery. And if they are not then you need to tighten them. But after properly tightening them, and the problem still persists, then the battery is probably dying. Now that you have known the signs of a dying battery the next thing for you to know is how to get the best battery for your car.

You can’t just point a battery in the tech market and then mount it in your car. You need to know if that battery is the best suitable for your car.

How can you know the right battery for your car?

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Car Battery

Here are the factors needed to be considered when choosing the best car battery

  • Group Size Of The Battery

You need to choose the battery size that best matches the terminal locations, dimensions, and the type that your vehicles require.

  • Technology Of The Battery


  • Reserve Capacity(RC) Of The Battery, C20 and Amp Hour

RC is a general indicator that indicates the amount of time a battery that is fully charged can carry-on in operating essential accessories when the vehicle alternator fails. While The C20 and Amp Hour indicate how the amount of energy stored in a battery.

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