Car winscreen wipers

Car Windscreen Wipers: Tips on How to Replace Car Windscreen Wipers


Car windscreen wipers are very important components for every car. They are used to remove raindrops snow, debris that gets in contact with the windscreen.

Car windscreen wipers are made of rubber, so it is normal when it wears out after several months of wiping snow, rain and dust from your windshield.

Car winscreen wipers


However, the good news is replacing or changing car windscreen wipers is easy and straight forward job that most motorists should be able to manage, even if you have no tools with you.

When it comes to safe driving, visibility is key. especially in stormy conditions. A very good pair of car windscreen wiper blades can save lives.

Below are steps on how to change your car windscreen wipers:

Step 1: Lift the windscreen wipers up and away from the windscreen until they are locked in the upright position. Car windshield based are held in place either a locking tab or button: your vehicle manual will tell you which type is to be fitted on your car.

Step 2: Remove the old one, make sure the wiper arm drop does not fall and come in contact with the windscreen. With the rubber blade removed, the metal arm could easily damage or even scratch the glass.

Step 3: Then slide the new blade into place and reengage the locking mechanism. Make sure to check the car wiper blade is put back in place by gently rocking it back and forth.

Step 4: Carefully lower the car windscreen wiper onto the windscreen and test them to see if they working properly.

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Step 5: Get rid of your old car windscreen wipers at a recycling centre. You should be able to remove the rubber of the wiper so that the metal part can be recycled.

Signs That you Should Replace Windscreen Wipers of Your Car

After a long time, the rubber on your windscreen wipers will perish and this is when you will need to replace every 12 months to ensure they are in good working condition.

Below are signs that you should let you know when to change your car windscreen wipers

  • Lines of water left behind by the wiper
  • A very loud squeaky noise when the wipers are in operation
  • Faint scratches on the glass
  • Visible cuts and signs of abrasion on the rubber
  • Small pieces of rubber on the windscreen
  • The worn, rough feeling when you run your thumb down the rubber blade
  • Rubber coming away from the metal wiper arm

4 different Types Of  Windscreen  and their Movement

Pivot or Radial Wiper 

The blade for this windscreen wiper is secured to a single arm which is attached to the car. It mostly used and also found in most cars. Toyota vehicles like Camry, Corolla etc.

Pantograph system Wiper

These are used on a commercial with larger windscreen such as buses and coaches. This allows the blade to cover more of the windscreen with every gliding movement.

Monoblade Wiper

The single blade is used rather than using two wipers. It allows for wider coverage, moving any excess streaks away from the centre of the windscreen and out of the driver’s line of vision. This type can be found in the Jaguar XJs.

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Sequential Sweep Wiper

The wipers move in opposite directions at the same time. Considered to be a complicated mechanism. It allows the blade to cover as much of the windscreen as possible and minimizing the risk of a large unwiped corner on the front passenger side of the windscreen. Can be found in Volkswagen Sharan

How to Look After Your Car (Windscreen Wipers)

To keep them in good condition for longer, after you bought a new set of car windscreen wipers. Follow these tips below

When your wipers are new, apply a small amount of concentrated screenwash to the rubber, by doing this, it will avoid them from juddering of sticking to the glass.

Car windscreen


Make sure you clean the car wiper blades when you wash the rest of your car. Loose dirt and waste can get trapped down the edge of the rubber, which can lead to premature wear

Always switch off your wipers when leaving your car. if you don’t and you try to start your car again, they will start moving automatically, and if it’s stopped raining and the windscreen’s dry, it could damage the rubber.


In the winter period, do not let the wiper blades freeze to the surface of the glass on cold nights, this can cause damage to both them and the car windscreen.

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