What to do if Your Car Breakdown and you Have no Cash


There are days when your car just breakdown and you have no cash on you. If you have ever experienced this, then you can probably tell that it is rarely a great experience especially if your the owner of the car.

When your car breakdown, time effort and energy are inevitably dispensed. safety is most times comprised. In some cases, the source of the malfunction or breakdown is easy to trace but at other times, it can constitute a headache.

Car Breakdown


Knowing what steps to take when or if you find your self in such a situation can make a world difference. It is always wiser to have a solid knowledge of what you need to do if your car breaks down and you have no cash

What to do if Your Car Breakdown and you Have no Cash

Below are some important tips to put into consideration if your car breakdown when you have no cash

Pull Off the Road

The first thing to do when your car breaks down is to pull off the road. Try your best to pull onto the highway shoulder tp prevent other cars from colliding with yours from behind.

It is very important that you signal while trying to do this. If there are no options, pull over onto the hard shoulder; parking as far to the left as safely possible.

However, if you’re unable to pull off the road, just use your hazard light. Stay safe as well while trying to get your car to safety.

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Note: Do not sit in the car if there is any possibility of any car hitting you from behind. It is advisable to leave your car and find a safer place around to wait until help arrives.

Car Breakdown: Park with your Wheels turned Right

When you park your car at a safe side of the road, make sure the wheels are turned to the right so that if your car is struck from behind, it will not cross the lane into moving traffic.

If you must exit your car, always do so from the right side to avoid traffic.

Reflective Triangles

This is a popular sign of distress on the road when a car breakdown. Put the reflective triangles behind your car in the following order-one near your car; usually about 10 feet behind it and the other much farther away.

Study Your Car’s Location

While your car breakdown and you have no cash, which means your stranded. look for a major exit. Study the landmark for petrol stations, eateries or any prominent business centres.
Try to recall the last exit name before your current location as this will be useful in calling for help.

Evaluate the Cause of the Car BreakDown

After you must have taken refuge away from danger from oncoming traffic or ad wealth, you can try to detect anything unusual that is happening to your car, such as strange sounds, smoke or steam from the car bonnet or even leaking oil.

While doing this still, be careful not to stand or directly in front of your car. This is important so that you don’t end up getting struck by drivers by drivers who may be oblivious of your presence.

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Car Breakdown: Leave the Hazard Lights On

At night and in bad weather, a broke down vehicle could be an invitation to grave disaster to both yourself and oncoming traffic. it is always advisable to turn on your hazard lights if you find yourself in such circumstances. Also, turn on the interior dome light if it is dark.

Alternatively, raise your car’s hood. Tie a bright coloured piece of any cloth or handkerchief to the antenna or door handle. This is supposed to alert drivers that your vehicle is in trouble and that they should slow down and proceed around you.

Call for Assistance

There are a couple of roadside assistance providers you can call once you have looked for a safe place to park. If you do not have them around that neighbourhood/area or also location.

In most cases, if your car breakdown and you don’t have any cash, and you don’t have a cellphone or your battery is down, you can wait for highway patrolmen

However, if you’re caught in this unpleasant situation at night, you need to be extremely cautious of accepting help from strangers. Stay in the car if you ave parked it at a very safe spot; lock the doors and keep your windows wind up.


Note: It is important you ensure that your hazard lights, flares and other warning signals are still on and perfectly visible to other road users while you wait for help to arrive at you.

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