Used Car Mileage

Used Car Mileage: How many miles is too Many for a used car?


Used Car Mileage. Just as the topic implies “How many miles is too many for a used car?”. It is very important you know some basic things about your car if not all, to help you in some particular areas.

Used Car Mileage

Car Mileage

Car mileage simply refers to the number of miles or the average distance that your car can cover on a certain quantity of fuel.


Mileage is not the only thing you should consider when opting or going for a used car. The complete condition of the car, as well as the service records, are also invaluable indicators on if a car is good to be purchased or not.

Let’s begin with the car condition. A car that was/is properly taken care of should show both in the interior and the exterior. When you see a badly maintained car, it also shows in the interior and at the exterior. And this shows that the owner of the car didn’t maintain and care for the car enough to keep the car in a good condition.

One smart thing you should do when you are shopping for a used car is to make some research or findings on the service intervals for your model to easily find out what really needs to be done at the particular mileage levels. You can also use this as a checklist when communicating with the owner and go through the maintenance records.

How many miles is too many for a used car?

This really depends on so many factors, however, if you are still in doubt, shoot for the 12,000 mile average per year. Even at that, do not be afraid of cars that are out of this range. As far as the car has been properly taken care of and maintained and there are also proofs about that and records.

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When looking at two cars and every other thing is equal, except one has a mileage of 50,000 and the other has a mileage of 150,000, it is easy to say that the vehicle with low mileage is worth more than the one with high mileage and it is also best to buy.

Are little miles good enough to tip the scales in the vehicle’s favor? Unluckily, it is not that easy when dealing with cars with high-mileage. Not every mile is equal.

Let’s take for instance. A vehicle with 100,000 miles that is virtually from highway driving by a commuter might be in completely good shape than the exact vehicle having 50,000 miles that were initially a rental car and likely driven very well.

Used Car Mileage

Or a car with a mileage of 70,000 having 5 owners and an unfinished service record is the same price as the one with one owner and a complete service record having a mileage of 100,000. The best to purchase might be the latter.

One thing you should have at the back of your mind is that mileage of 15,000 per year is taken to be the industry average.

So, if you are looking at a vehicle that is up to 10 years old, it is not nonsensical for it to have about 100,000 to 150,000 miles on it. If it has more or less, then you might be forced to carry out some investigations on why it is so.

Shopping Tips for Used Car

When shopping for a new car, although it is essential, you check for the car mileage. But even at that, there are still other things you should consider if you purchasing a used car.

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Below are some important used car shopping tips:

  • Always look for so many faults as possible when testing and inspecting the car. Also do not forget to use them as negotiating points with the dealers.
  • Make sure that the vehicle is thoroughly inspected ny a trusted and qualified mechanic before you purchase it.
  • Although, this depends on you. But you will get more information about the car you are about to purchase. And a better deal if you purchase the car from a private party, especially if you have cash with you.
  • Go into the history of the car. Ask as many questions that you can ask (remember you are purchasing a used car). And get the service records or the receipts. Also, look for recalls on sites like Mopar and as well obtain a vehicle history report from sites like AutoCheck or CarFax if you really want to get the car.
  • These will show you how many owners have used the vehicle. And if possible a paper trail of maintenance and repair records.

Other Shopping Tips for Used Car include:

  • Also, ensure that you make thorough research on the car make and the car model before buying. In that way, you can be sure of the kind of issues to look for. And what services should have been done on it at some certain mileages.
  • If you are worried or bothered about high mileage cars, you can make research on your choice of vehicle. And check how many miles you can expect to get if it is properly maintained and taken care of.
  • Furthermore, do ensure you ask the owner the kind of miles that was placed on the vehicle. Either highway miles or city.
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In Conclusion

Car mileage is not the only thing to consider or watch out for when purchasing a used car.


A thorough inspection of the engine, paint, mirrors, lights, brakes, glass, tires, and so on will also go a long way. And lastly, do not forget to obtain receipts or service records.

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