Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars

Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars


There are things that men need to know about maintaining their cars in order to keep them in good condition. Cars are precious assets that need to be taken into consideration. They convey you to any destination that you wish or want to go without complain as long as they are being kept in good running condition.

Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars

And for you to be able to keep your car in good running condition, you need to be able to know how to maintain your car. If you want to know the basic things about how to maintain your car then keep scrolling.


Here are a few things that you need to know to keep your car in good running condition.

Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars

There are certain things Men Need to Know about Their Cars without anyone helping you and they are stated below.

You Need To Know Your Oil

Firstly, this is one Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars. The oil is a liquid substance that helps to clean, cools, and lubricates the engine. If you wait for a very long time before replacing it, it could contaminate your engine with debris and dirt. Thus reducing its lifespan.

Don’t just use any kind of oil for your car. Most latest cars require the use of synthetic oil nor semi-synthetic engine oils. So it won’t be good advice for you to use conventional oil for new cars as they are meant for older cars.

You need to change your engine oil if you have driven from the range of 6,000 to 10,000 miles. And if you have driven more than 10,000 miles and haven’t changed your car engine oil. It would be better for you to head straight to a shop and have it replaced.

Regular Check Of Engine Fluid

Whenever you change your engine oil, you need to open and check the reservoir containing your vehicle brake fluid. This should be located on the driver’s side of your car.

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Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars


If you figure out that your brake fluid is below or close to the minimum line, it is maybe because the brake pads are worn out. Anyway, they tend to sustain from the range of 20,000 – 60,000 miles. Or the reason why it is below the minimum line then it may be as a case of a leak in the hydraulic system of your brakes.

Whatever the case may be, you need to admit it in a mechanical repair shop immediately to prevent further problems from arising.

Engine Coolant Checking

The moment you are checking out your brake fluid, you also need to check the engine coolant. It is the fluid that protects your engine from freezing or overheating. If you don’t know where it is located then you need to refer to your car manual.

If your engine is quite cold, then, the level of the coolant should just be above the cool mark on its tank. And if it is in such a case, there’s no need to add coolant as it will elevate when you heat up your engine.

However, if you know that it is below the cool line, then there is surely a need to add coolant.
This won’t be much problem for you as your car type of coolant can be found in hardware shops and auto shops.

Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars

But make sure to purchase a pre-mixed (with water) type listed in the manual of your car. Though prices vary according to types.
Pour the coolant gently with a funnel into the reservoir till it reaches a point a little bit above the cool line.

Keep Your Windshield Wiper Blades Clean

There will be a safety hazard if your wipers leave smears or blurry streaks on your windshield. This doesn’t mean that you need to get a new set of wipers.

Windshield wiper blades

Rather just get a neat rag and add a windshield washer fluid and use it to totally wipe off the blades. That will help to clean up the debris and the dirt and even wax from the car.

But if after cleaning the blades and it makes no difference, then just go to a nearby auto store and get it replaced. Or if you are out of the fluid washer, you can also get that in an auto store.

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Your Tire Pressure

While on slick roads, over-inflated tires can injure your car’s traction. And also if there is not enough air in your car tires, then they will surely wear out faster than supposed to. Thus reducing its stopping power.

A lot of cars have the amount of air needed in their car tires pasted in the doorframe of the driver’s side. This will help you to know how much air is needed in your tire for optimum performance.

Your Tire Pressure

Most tires need air within the range of 28 and 35 but if you don’t find yours in the driver sides doorframe then, you will need to check the inside of the door of your gas tank. But preferably refer to your car’s manual.

Don’t use inaccurate gauges especially the ones that are built into gas station air hoses.
It will be best for you to purchase an electronic tire pressure gauge. It can be found in an auto shop or you can order it online.

For the best result, check the air in your tires maybe once a month. Tires cool down after being parked all night which will make its air pressure to be at its lowest point.

If you figure out that your tires need to add air, then there’s a couple of options. Its either you purchase a car tire inflator which can be found in auto shops. Or go to the closest gas station and maybe use its air hose to inflate your tires.

How To Use The Tyre Inflator

This is also one great Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars. Press the nozzle of the pump onto the valve of your tire while squeezing its handle vigorously to inject the air.

If the air keeps escaping. Then keep moving the nozzle until a tighter fit is secured. But remember to always take a break to keep the tire pressure in check.

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If there is a case of over inflation. You just need to partially hold the pressure gauge on the air valve of your tire, this will free some air on the inside.

Clean Your Engine Bay

You need to keep your engine bay clean. Even though a clean doesn’t quite guarantee that your engine will be fully functioning. It will aid you in locating your car components easier.

Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars


You don’t need anyone to show you how to do that as it is just like a spray-on, “hose off”. There are products that you can use to do that.

Know-How To Change Your Engine Oil

Changing the engine oil of your car is obviously one of the easiest things to know about your car.

Things Men Need to Know about Their Cars


You can be able to do it if you have the proper tools and exercise a little patience. If you don’t know how to change your engine oil then you need to refer to your car’s manual.

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