General Car Maintence Tips

General Car Maintenance tips: How to maintain your car to last many years


General Car Maintenance tips. Today’s topic is centered on General car maintenance tips and how to maintain your car to last many years. A lot of people have been complaining about how bad their car is and also say that their car doesn’t last.

But the question here is have you tried maintaining the car or do you take care of the car regularly? If no, then you must be wrong.

The truth and the fact here is the way you take care of your car determines its longevity. If you take care of your car very well, then you should be sure that your car will last because you are actually taking care of it.


General Car Maintence Tips

However, if you choose to be reluctant about taking care of your car, it will only make the car develop so many problems from one problem to another.

So you are advised to always follow the general car maintenance tips and take care of your car always. Do not wait till it develops another issue. Once you detect a strange occurrence in your car or car parts, make sure you handle it on time so it doesn’t lead to a serious problem where you will now have to start spending too much on the repair.

In that way, you can be sure of your car longevity

General Car Maintenance tips

General car maintenance tips are the basic steps and useful tips you should follow to maintain your car and to as well keep it in a good condition. Keeping your car in a good condition is very important. The reason is that it improves the longevity of your car.

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But if you choose to be careless and reckless about your car, then you are only reducing the life span of the car and it could as well make you start spending unnecessarily on your car when you can equally maintain it and keep it in good condition to reduce unwanted spending.

General Car Maintenance Tips: How to maintain your car to last many years

Below are the general car maintenance tips to keep your car in a good condition and to make it last for years:

Regular checkups

Always check up on your car and inspect your car always. You can do most of the minor things yourself at home, however, some will require a well-equipped technician/technicians. If you notice the check engine light of your car turned on, you can visit a technician.

Well equipped technicians can detect the problem via the on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port of the car.

Also, a good repair shop or an automotive shop will be able to check and restore other basic components of the car. Just like the wheel bearings and the alternator. Also, planning or organizing consistent tune-ups will help make sure that your car gets other maintenance items restored.

Take care of your car battery

Another general car maintenance tip is taking care of your battery. Do you know that if you do not make use of your car for a long period of time, the battery will lose its value and become flat? So you are advised to make use of a trickle charger to top up the battery of your car if it has been parked somewhere for a long period of time.

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Or you can choose to make use of a battery conditioner if it seems to hold little charge than it used to.

Well, if your battery eventually goes flat and you tried jump-starting your car, do you know that it places more strain on your car battery? And it can as well destroy the engine management system as well as other fragile electronics.

To inspect the battery of your car with no trickle charger, you should try driving your car at least once in 1 week if possible. Especially during winter.

General Car Maintenance tips continued

Do not drive roughly

Driving smoothly is also one of the general car maintenance tips that you should really consider if you want your car to last longer.

You do not have to be rugged while driving, you ain’t competing with anyone. Rugged driving is one of the reasons why your car doesn’t last. Learn to drive smoothly most of the time as it reduces the component wear and it will also make your fuel last longer.

Making use of the gearbox, steering wheel, and the pedals smoothly together with looking well ahead reduces the need for any unforeseen or missed brake.

Replace spark plugs and leads

Learn to replace your spark plugs as well as the high-tension leads of your car. As it optimizes the performance of your engine.

Also, make sure that you reach out for your manual book before doing operating on anything you are not sure of.

When examining your spark plug, check if it has :

  • no signs of melting
  • a light brown electrode and insulator and
  • no signs of wear or deposits.
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A bad spark plug either shows wear over time and needs to be replaced. Or can even hint at your engine condition. So it is advisable you replace or change your spark plugs and leads to avoiding unnecessary wear and tear. And to as well keep your vehicle in a good condition.

Inspect your tires regularly

A thorough inspection of your tires is another general car maintenance tip. Always check the level of tread on your tires. The minimum level of tread in the UK is 1.6mm. However, you should consider changing them when they get between 2mm-3mm. The reason is that the lesser the tread, the less effective the tire becomes.

Also, do not forget to always check the tire pressure. And watch out for any wear or damage sign that could lead to a blow-out.


Other general car maintenance tips include:

  • Changing filters regularly.
  • Top up fluids regularly.
  • Make use of a car cover to cover your car
  • Avoid carrying heavyweight items in your car
  • Always clean your car
  • Do not drive into potholes and rough roads as they might cause so many damages to your car.
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