Car Won't Start

Car Won’t Start – How do you fix a car that won’t start?


Car won’t start. Are you having issues with starting your car and looking for a means to fix it? If yes, have you tried figuring out the reasons why your car won’t start? If you have not, how then can you fix your vehicle that won’t come up? Before you fix a car that won’t start, try to figure out what exactly the problem is and why the car has refused to start.

If after you must have figured out the reasons, you can now think of fixing the car which is very important. Fixing a car that won’t start is very very important. Do not wait until the car is completely damaged. Do you know that a little damage?


No matter how little it is if not properly attended to or taken care of, it can completely damage your car and you are as well placing your life at risk?

So that why it is best you fix all damages on a car no matter how little it is, to avoid unnecessary or bad stories.

Reasons why your car won’t start

Before proceeding to fix a car that won’t start, have you ever wondered what the cause can be or what the cause is? Well, if you have not, keep reading to see some of the reasons for that. Here are some of the reasons for that:

A faulty or dead battery

A dead or faulty battery is one of the reasons why your car won’t start. That is why it’s best advisable you check your car before proceeding to making use of it or embarking on a journey.

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Faulty Starter

Another reason why your car won’t start is a defective ignition switch. If your battery works perfectly fine but your car refuses to turn over on a few trials, then the problem, issue, or fault might be from the ignition switch. You can try reducing the cause of this problem by putting your headlights on.

The reason is that the battery of your car controls your headlights as well as your dashboard. In addition, if it is the case that your engine refused to start, then it might possibly be a faulty ignition switch.

Clogged fuel filter

Another problem with a car not starting is a clogged fuel filter. If you have a clogged fuel filter, of course, the gasoline won’t make it to the engine. And this will make it very hard for your car to burn the fuel it needs to work.

Other reasons why your car won’t start


Other reasons why your car won’t start include:

  • A faulty starter
  • Empty gas tank
  • A slow, dying crank
  • Battery corrosion
  • Bad timing belt
  • Cracked or broken distributor cap
  • Bad starter motor

How do you fix a car that won’t start?

  • Checking the Starter and Battery
  • An empty gas tank? ensure the engine is getting fuel
  • Tested the ignition system and it’s bad? Then you should visit the automotive store to replace it.
  • If you have got a dead or a faulty battery, and after all attempts to fix the battery, it still doesn’t start, then you should visit the nearest automotive store to replace your battery.
  • If you have got a faulty starter, consider installing a new one
  • The distributor cap is broken, faulty, or cracked? replace it
  • Also, consider replacing your ignition coil if after you must have tested it and the result tells it is bad.
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