Car Turn Over

Car Turn Over – What to do when your car won’t turn over


Car Turn Over – The issue of your Car or Car not turning over can be so frustrating, no doubt. Especially when you are all dressed up for work, going for an important meeting, or an interview. That is the more reason you should always check your car condition before you drive so as to avoid being hurt or frustrated on the road or on the highway.

Car Turn Over

But now, the question here is, have you tried to figure out what exactly is the problem or the reason why your car won’t turn over? Well, do not stress too much about that because that is the reason why I have carefully written this article for you.


Car Turn Over – What to do when your car won’t turn over

Are you or have you been having problems with turning your car over? If yes, well this article is for you! Below are some reasons why your car won’t turn over and what you should equally do:

Dead Battery

The number one reason why your car won’t turn over is having a dead battery. The fact that you have a dead battery doesn’t mean that you have to go get a new battery. Truth be told, a lot of batteries lose their charge or drain because of an external power drain.

Another thing that drains the battery overnight is not turning off your headlights or even a dome light. However, one thing for sure is that you can still get that battery charged up to a full charge.

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Moreover, you can equally make use of a battery tester to test the weakness of your battery. If after you test your battery and the result comes out real, then consider replacing your battery. But if you do not have a battery tester, do not panic.

Another method to check battery weakness is by jump-starting the car. And how do you do this? All you have to do is to drive your car or run it for up to an hour or so. Then turn it off and restart the car. If it eventually starts, then the battery is okay.

But if it doesn’t start, I will advise you to take your car to the closest automotive store and get a new battery.

Dirty Cables

Dirty starter cable is another thing that would prevent your car from turning over. The starter cable is the thickest cable in the electrical system of your car and it carries the most current. So it should be properly cleaned to function well.

To clean it, remove each end of the cables. Note that one end of the cable is connected to the battery while the other end is connected to the starter. Now clean the connections carefully with a wire brush. Do not forget to clean the battery posts at a time.

Bad Starter

A bad starter is sure another problem why your car won’t turn over. The starter can be so frustrating, sometimes it starts perfectly, another time it just fails to start. So, if you have been experiencing this, then you should install a new one.

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Cracked, faulty, or broken distributor cap

If your distribution cap is faulty or if the cap under is moist, then it will surely cause problems for your car. So, to prevent that, wipe or clean the distribution cap with a clean and dry cloth before installing it back. Also, if the cap is broken, replace it.

Bad ignition coil

Check your ignition coil, if it is bad then replace it. To check if your ignition coil is bad, you will be needing a multimeter than can measure impedance. But if you do not have a multimeter, there is a simple and better way to test your ignition coil by using just simple hand tools.


Once you check or test your coil and it is bad, then you should consider replacing it.

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