Car problems

Car Problems: Top 10 Most Common Car Problems


Car Problems: At times, car issues will arise, However, Vehicles or cars will show certain warning signs. To reduce the potential for breakdown, and also expensive repairs, Below are the list of 10 most common car Problem that tends to pop up.

Car problems

 Car Problems – Warning Light

A warning light or check engine light is one of the most car problems. Your warning light calls attention. Warning Light is not immune to a fault. most special when your car’s electrical system is playing up.


The flashing light shows there is a serious problem either about to or it is happening. Having a professional mechanic complete a warning light inspection is actually the best way to know the source and make the right repairs.

Alternator Failure

Alternator failure is another common car problem that is considered to be a major scare to a person driving a car. The Alternator is part of your car that keeps all electrical system running once the vehicle starts. However, it is responsible for providing a charge to your battery to keep it in good condition.
Meanwhile, if the alternator breaks, it will cause the battery to wear out and other starting issues. Also, the alternator is connected to other operating systems within your car, and this makes is vulnerable wherever problems start.

Bad Car battery

Bad Car Battery is also a car problem that makes people worry so much about their vehicle’s. However, Battery of a car is one of the important parts of a vehicle. The battery powers the car engine together with the alternator. However, batteries have a lifespan of around two to five years and sometimes will let you know when their time is up.

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A dead battery is usually caused by reduced amps or electrical currents which naturally reduces as the battery loses its strength to maintain a charge.

Problem with your alternator may also place extra demand on the battery, that will lead to failure.

Worn Out Brake pads (Car Problems)

This is one of the common car problems faced by car owners. It is very dangerous to drive a vehicle with worn-out brake pads. Signs of brake failure not stopping and also taking longer to stop, also noise while braking and the appearances of smoke or an unpleasant smell from the brakes.

This can be very disastrous during emergency braking. However, Brake failure can be due to age, neglect, overheating, neglect including loss of brake fluid. Once the brakes start grinding it means is a sign that it needs to be changed.

Faulty Starter motor

This is responsible for starting the engine. It has two main components, which are the primary motor that starts the engine and the other is the solenoid that transmits electrical current from the battery.

Meanwhile, One needs to carefully examine the wiring around the starter and check for loose wires as well. Symptoms of a starter motor trouble include the engine fails to turn over, the engine whining without engaging a bad grinding noise and smoke.

Other Car Problems include:

Steering Wheel Shaking

Steering problems tend to drop plenty of signs that trouble is on the way just like your car battery. However Multiple issues can cause the steering wheel to shake while driving.

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If you are having issues turning the steering wheel, or it seems hell-bent on refusing to be held at all and slips through your grasp then it means it needs to be fixed.


When your vehicle starts to overheat, this simply means it could be a sign for serious engine trouble. The internal combustion system produces a lot of heat. In most modern cars, the cooling system is very complex which contains multiple sensors that monitor coolant temperature, flow and other components.

However, coolant leaks could mean that less coolant is reaching the engine block. If your car overheats, pull over safely and then wait for the engine to cool before you try to touch anything under the bonnet.

Poor fuel Performance

Poorly services engines absorb more fuel and this is considered as one of the car problems. Fuel filters, air filters, Mass airflow sensors and O2 sensors all contribute to effective fuel usage. If this happens, before they are changes, it will cause the engine to consume more fuel than usual. Poor fuel performance is considered to be a big worry to those that own a vehicle

To ensure your fuel provides ideal performance and goes far distance, you will need to go the distance in terms of monitoring and maintenance and habit.

Flat Tyre

It is common to experience flat tyres whenever you go out. There’s only a sliver of rubber between our cars and the road, so for safety sake’s it better to ensure that tyres are in a good condition.

Tires do wear out and when this happens, they are more prone to punctures. However, it is advisable that you avoid driving the car beyond the recommended tread wear.

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Correct tyre choice and tyre pressure, combine with wheel balancing alignment and tyre rotation are all good ways to expand the tyre life.

A sputtering Engine

The Engine runs best when the air and fuel properly mix and burn in the combustion chamber. A normal engine should be quiet, but if your notice your engine is producing a rattling and a strange sound, this could be a signal for trouble.


To reduce engine misfiring or sputtering issues, just make sure you replace the fuel and ignition system components.

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