Car not starting

Car not starting – What to do when your car won’t Start


Car not starting. Are you having problems with starting your car? If yes, follow up in this article to see the reasons why your car isn’t starting and how you can fix the problem.

Car not starting

Car not starting – What to do when your car won’t Start

Here are some reasons why your car won’t start:


No lights, no sounds

This might be a battery connection problem. So all you have to do is to check the cable connections at the battery. Do not be deceived, the battery may still look new and shiny. But try checking if you can twist and turn them by hand.

If you tried and you can, then the connection is loose. Now remove them and clean them with a neat rag or paper towel. Then reconnect and try again.

A slow, dying crank

If you check and you notice a weak battery all you need to do is to try a jump. Next is to visit the mechanic with immediate effect. The reason is that if you do not take action, it will keep happening.

Dead Battery

A dead battery is one of the major problems of a car not starting and that is the more reason you should always check your car before driving or embarking on a journey to avoid regrets. Also, always make sure you keep jumper cables in your car.

As soon as you jump start your car, the alternator should be able to recharge the battery as far as the car is still operating.

However, if this problem still continues, try using a clean cloth to wipe out any corrosion that has congested around the battery terminals. But if after all these, you are still having battery problems, then you should consider replacing that battery.

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Broken or damaged ignition

This is similar to the starter engine which I will be emphasizing next. One thing you should know is that a faulty, broken, or damaged ignition switch can prevent your car from starting. However, if your headlights can turn on, but your car won’t crank.

It simply means that your battery is charged, bur either the ignition switch or the starter is the cause.

So now if the ignition switch or the starter is the cause of your car not starting, you can jump the starter engine just by making use of a charged battery.

Starter problem

A bad starter is another major reason for a car not starting. If you can figure out the starter below the hood of your car, then you can find out if it is the source of the problem. But if you cant hear clicking when you try starting the engine, then the issue might just be a dead battery.

If you can hear a clicking, but the engine does not crank, then it might be that the starter isn’t getting enough electricity. Now, you can be able to test functionality by making use of your owner’s manual as well as a voltmeter.

Clogged fuel filter

Another problem of your car not starting is a clogged fuel filter. If you have a clogged fuel filter, the gasoline will not be able to get to the engine.


And this will make it very hard for your car to burn the fuel it needs to get going. Always change your fuel filters every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometres and consider changing fuel filters anytime your car is serviced.

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