Excess oil in your Car

Car Management | What to do if There is Excess oil in your Car


Do you feel you have put excess oil in your car?.  All you have to do is just scroll down and get the knowledge just in case something like were to happen.

 Excess oil in your Car

Some people will just feel like they have been changing the oil in there for quite some time. So it won’t happen to them. There might be a chance that it might occur. So instead of being confused or going to look for a mechanic just keep reading so that you can self serve yourself when it occurs.


Before getting to know what to do if you have too much oil in your car, you need to, first of all, know when the oil is excess.

How To Know When The Oil Is Excess

It is important to have the correct amount of oil need in a car as it makes a car run at its best. Oil is important in the engine of a car. they serve as moisturizers in the engine of a car.

If the oil in a car is too much, it can cause overflow and leak into other engine parts. It can cause low oil pressure. And if the oil in a car is also low there won’t be enough moisturizers in the engine.

And this can lead to the engine burning out quickly. both cases will result in devastating outcomes. It can bring about a case where expensive repairs will be done.

Ways to Check or Double-Check the Proper Amount of oil in a Car

  • If the smoke coming out of the pipe of the exhaust is white and thick. It shows that there might be a case of too much oil intake in the engine.
  • You can also warm the car engine for a while or drive a few miles to know when the oil is overfilled. Warming the engine properly is also important as you can use it to read the oil properly.
  • If there is oil leakage in the engine or from the engine. If you see oil where you refilled the oil in your car it can just be the one that dropped when you were refilling it. But if it keeps spilling after you have moved your car from the spot where you refilled it. Then it is surely a leak.
  • It is important to check the oil plug after each refill or at intervals.
  • If the plug is loosed and your starts dropping then it is not an oil leak rather its just draining from the bottom due to loosed plug.
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If there’s a case of excess oil in your car then use the following ways:

In case of excess engine oil in your car here is what you should do.

  • Look for a drive socket wrench of about 3/8 inch.
  • And a container or a plastic oil pan in your hand.
  • Then crawl underneath your vehicle and search for the oil plug.
  • If you are having a problem locating your car’s oil plug then don’t worry as you can quickly refer to the manual of your car.
  • Place the plastic oil pan under the oil plug.
  • Now with the wrench on your hand. Lose the plug to the extent that it begins to shake and trickle out.
  • Then continue to make the plug lose as much as necessary till you think it’s enough to drain the excess oil.

When loosening the oil plug be wary nit to make it too loosed to avoid an oil flood from occurring. As you are releasing the excess oil you also need to check the dipstick. To know when the level of oil is the same as the full mark.

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