Engine Oil

Car Engine Oil: 8 steps to Check the Engine Oil Level in Your Car


Checking your car engine oil is a quick and simple maintenance project that almost any driver can do themselves. However, there are numerous items, of your car that do not need some basic knowledge, such as how to check your car’s engine oil level.

Engine Oil

Meanwhile, Maintaining the correct oil level, In your car’s engine is important to keeping your car running trouble-free for years.


Motor Oil is the blood of the engine, if there is no oil in the car, it will definitely not start or run for long. You need the right amount, the right type of oil, and at the right time

Below is a useful guide on how to check the oil in the car through a few simple steps

Warm Up the Engine of your car

It is very important that the engine of the vehicle has been warmed up to get an accurate oil level.

While the engine of the vehicle is warming, find a flat level area to park the car to enable you to get an accurate oil level.

After the engine is left to sit and cool down for while, the oil that is in the oil galleries, oil pump, and oil filter can drain back into the engine’s sump

By warming up the engine for even just a few short minutes will warm up the engine oil and doing this, it will spread around the engine to aid in accurate oil level reading.

Locate the  Engine Dipstick

In order to check your car’s engine oil level, you must first know where the dipstick is. However, a dipstick is a long piece of flexible metal with two marks at the bottom of the dipstick.

One is for the fuel level mark and the other as a low-level mark. The dipstick normally has a brightly colored handle usually orange and also has the word OIL labeled on them.

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The dipstick is normally located on the side of the engine. It sits in a tube that holds and directs the dipstick into the sump of the engine.

Turn the Engine Off

You must turn the engine off, a running engine splashes the oil around in the sump, and by turning the engine off, it allows the oil to stop swaying around and settle in the sump.

After turning off the engine, wait for about 30 seconds for the oil to settle, then the excess oil around the engine will drain back to the sump and allow the oil to settle giving you an opportunity to find an accurate level.

Remove the Dipstick

The next thing to do is remove the dipstick from the engine, then take a very clean rag or a piece of cloth, wipe the dipstick clean and inspect the level marks so that you know where they are and what they look like.

Oil Dipstick

The level marks on a dipstick can vary from holes punched into the dipstick, to marks etched into the metal, or a molded plastic tip with the marks placed on the plastic.

By these marks, you will be able to easily determine the oil level.

Check the Car Engine Oil Level

After you know where the dipstick is located and what the level marks look like. You need to reinsert the wiped down dipstick, into its tube, ensuring it seats properly, and then remove the dipstick.

It is at this stage you need to look at the mark the oil has left, on the dipstick, the check where in relation to the dipstick level marks the oil level is.

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If the oil level is at the full level mark, this simply means that there is enough oil in the engine.

Too much oil can cause oil leaks from the engine and also cause the engine to blow extensive amounts of blue smoke

However, if the oil level is at or below the low-level mark, then you will need to top up the engine with oil, but only to the full mark.

Top Up the  engine Oil of your car

If the engine of your vehicle needs the oil level to be topped up, then it is extremely important you use oil that meets the correct Viscidity. The type of oil suitable for your car’s engine can be found in the cars owner’s manual book

To top up the engine oil you must first remove the oil filler cap. This is where you put in the oil to the engine.

Many engines will take approximately 1 liter to make the oil level from the low-level mark to the full level mark.

Recheck the Engine Oil Level

After you have topped up the oil level with the correct oil for your car, you will need to recheck the oil level. Make sure that you refit the dipstick back into its tube before you drive off.

Extra Tips to Check the Engine Oil

Where to buy car engine oil: generally, you can buy oil at the service stations or auto supply stores. Most supermarkets offer a wide range of engine oils so that you can buy them there as well.

The grade of oil: The best way to use the correct viscosity grade of the oil is to find this piece of information in the owner’s manual.

If you notice that the car is finding it difficult to start in cold weather, the engine is ticking or the oil leaks or smell like it is burning there is the possibility that you use the wrong type of oil.

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Oil contamination: Make sure you take care of the possible impurity of the car oil you use.

It may have gotten infected with the debris from the sir, metal shavings from the engine itself, and combustions by-products.

However, one of the best solutions is to buy an excellent oil filter to help your engine work properly, by that, your car will definitely serve you for years.


Regularly checking the oil of your car is one way to take care of the engine.

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