Car Battery

Car Battery is Dead Sign | How to Know if your Car Battery is Weak


Before getting to know if your car battery is weak you need to, first of all, know what a car battery is. What is a car battery? A car battery isn’t just any kind of battery. It is a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical current to your vehicle {car} and its sole purpose is to power the starter which starts the engine.

Car Battery

Signs To Detect A Dying Battery

  • If your car engine begins to crank when you try to start the car. Or if it takes a longer time than it used to then you should know that your car battery is weak and needs to be changed.
  • If the engine check light is on it can mean anything: it may come on most especially when running out of water. Which means that your battery is running out of juice.
  • If you are perceiving any bad smell. Maybe due to gas leakage. Just know that your battery is the one at fault.
  • Since the battery is the one powering all the electronic appliances in your vehicle.when it is faulty and losing its charge, it will have a hard time running those appliances at full power.
  • if any white or ashy substance is on the metal parts of your battery. It means that you have got an issue with corrosion. And this can lead to voltage issues.

What Can Be The Reason For A Car Battery To Die Quickly

The energy created from driving is what your battery keeps reusing to stay charged. If you keep making a lot of short trips your battery won’t have the time to recharge and this is possibly going to strain the system.
similarly, if your car remains on the driveway for quite a long period of time. You will run the risk of killing your battery.

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What Does It Cost To Replace An Old Car Battery

It’s going to cost nothing other than the amount needed for the purchase of a new one.
Your vehicle’s battery cost differs. And is determined based on the model of the car, year of the car, and from the merchant whom you are purchasing from.
Does the new battery you purchased need charging?
The answer to that is “NO”. Each and every new battery comes fully charged. It was olden days batteries that need to be filled with acid as it comes dry. You don’t need to worry as it isn’t the case anymore because batteries are fully powered when it is brand new.

What Is The Duration For A New Battery?

How long does a new car battery last?
The true fact is that once the old battery is being replaced. The lifespan of the new battery only depends on how long it can retain its charge. And also its capability of being recharged. If your car battery can’t be recharged, there’s only one possible meaning. That your car battery is dead.
A new battery is believed and certain to be able to last for about six years. And that is if your car is always driving in ideal conditions.

Things Or Reasons That Can Make A Car Battery Die Faster

Here is a list of a few reasons that could make a car battery die faster:
1). Charging problems.
2). Electrical draining persistently.
3). Corroded or loosed battery connections.
4). Bad weather.
5). If it needs more power than the alternator can give.

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Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

Weakness and poor maintenance: If you do not maintain your battery properly, it is on the verge of losing its stability thereby leading to it generating a fault that will drain all the power in it.


Battery connections: Some of the problems are being caused by loosed battery connections. It can also prevent the charging system from topping off your battery when you are on a driveway.
Temperature: An old battery can’t withstand being in very hot or cold temperatures as it will end in extreme conditions.

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