Best Diesel Fuel Additives

Best Diesel Fuel Additives that you can ever get


Best Diesel Fuel Additives. In today’s article, I will be briefing you on the best diesel fuel additives that you can ever get. Have you ever tried starting your diesel-powered vehicle on a cold winter morning only to notice that it could not cough back to life even though the battery was still fine?

Or maybe you have figured out that the fuel tank runs low more often than it usually does when it was still new. Or there are lots of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe? It could be anything, the engine performance slowing down or more.

Best Diesel Fuel Additives


The fact is that all these things can be signs of an overwhelmed diesel fuel system. However, the good news here is that it can be sorted out with a quality diesel fuel additive.

So here, I have sorted out the best diesel fuel additives that you can ever get. Keep reading to see them.

Best Diesel Fuel Additives that you can ever get

Below are the best diesel fuel additives that you can ever get:

Stanadyne performance formula

This is one of the best diesel fuel additives that you can ever get because of its superior quality. The diesel fuel additives improve fuel efficiency, it is easy to apply. Also, it has a better horsepower performance, reduces smoke emission, and works in both hot and cold weather.

It is also compatible with every diesel-powered engines. The only disadvantage of it is that it takes time for the effects to fit in and it comes in a small bottle package. Check on Amazon.

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Howes Diesel Treat

This is another great diesel fuel additive. And the reasons why you should opt for these diesel fuel additives is because it boosts cetane rating and it is an anti-water removal. It as well improves the overall engine performance and it is compatible with every diesel engine. Before I forget, it is also cold-weather protection.

The only disadvantage of these diesel fuel additives is that the product does not contain detergent ingredients. Simply means that you should not expect it to clean your fuel system. Even at that, it is still one of the best anti-gel additives that is available on the market. And that you can as well mix with different types of diesel fuel.

Archoil AR 6200 Fuel Treatment

This is also one of the best diesel fuel additives you can ever get. It is a cetane booster additive that improves your overall engine performance. Here are the works of the Archoil AR 6200 Fuel Treatment:

  • It reduces carbon deposits.
  • Stops microbial growth.
  • It as well improves fuel combustion.
  • The Archoil AR 6200 Fuel Treatment is also an anti-corrosion and water removal formula.
  • Better miles per gallon.

However, the only disadvantage of this additives is that it has a short life span and it reduces throttle response.

LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment

LUCAS LUC10013 Fuel Treatment is also one of the best diesel fuel additives and it can be used to treat both diesel and gasoline-powered engines.

It is long-lasting and reduces sulfur content. The fuel additives lubricate and clean the fuel injector to reduce wear and tear and it improves engine performance. It also reduces too much carbon emissions.

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The only disadvantage is that it has no measuring tools and it is not advisable for bigger than average fuel tanks.

Biobor JF – Diesel Fuel Biocide

This is also one of the best diesel fuel additives to use as it is a very perfect diesel fuel additive (a detergent solution) that removes contamination off your fuel system.


It promotes lubricity, unclogs fuel filters, and delivers optimal engine performance. It is also an anti-corrosion formula and it kills and removes bacteria and fungi. The only disadvantage of the diesel fuel additive is that it can not be used on all vehicles and it has a slow reaction time. Check the Biorbor JF – Diesel Fuel Biocide here.

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