Bad Starter

Bad Starter – What are the symptoms of a bad starter on a car?


Bad Starter. After a bad or dead battery, a bad starter is another problem that can cause a car not to move and to have problems. That is one of the reasons why I am writing this article so that you can easily detect the signs/symptoms of a bad cranking motor on a car. But before then, what is a starter?

The starter is basically a small motor that is being powered by the battery. This motor is also responsible for making the engine of your car to run or operate. It relay stays between the cranking motor and the battery, thereby transmitting power.

Bad Starter


One thing you should note concerning a starter is that without a good and perfectly working starter relay and motor, you will not be able to move out of a parking space without a tow or even a jumpstart.

What are the symptoms of a bad starter on a car?

Below are symptoms of a bad cranking motor on a car:

Smoke from your car

Smoke coming out from your car is a symptom of a very bad starter. The starter is subject to blown fuses and short circuits. When you are trying to start, it can overheat thereby causing electrical issues. As well as the accompanying smoke. If you notice or perceive any smoke, it is better you call for help instead of turning the key harder.

Lights on, but no action.

If your lights are on, but your car fails to start, or the engine does not power up, then the issue should be from the starter.

Starter still on after the engine started

If you start the engine and press the starter button on a new car or even release the key, the circuit which prevents the power to the starter motor is ought to be closed. If this eventually stays on after the engine has ignited, the major contacts in the solenoid are likely to be joined together in the closed position.

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This will cause severe damage to all the starter system as well as the transmission flywheel.

Engine won’t crank or start

The engine won’t crank or start is a major sign of a bad starter. Aside from the issue of the engine won’t start or crank, there are still other issues that will prevent the engine from cranking. A few of them include failed ignition, an engine mechanical problem, or a bad battery.

The starter is soaked with oil

If you pop the hood and find out that the cranking motor is soaked in oil (engine oil), then this might probably be a sign of a bad starter. An oil leak to be precise. So, each time you notice or see any oil leak, no matter how little the leak can be, make sure you take action, to avoid having issues with your cranking motor.

Causes of a starter problem


You might be wondering what really causes the cranking motor problem right? Well, below are some things that can cause it. They include:

  • Dirty connections
  • Oil leaks
  • Loose wiring to and from the starter.
  • Battery corrosions and
  • Faulty or damaged parts in the starter system
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