Common Car Problems

20 Most Common Car Problems and Solutions


Common Car Problems. We all know how it feels for one to wake up in the morning, do some little house chores and get prepared for work only to go out and find out that the car has developed some fault and has refused to start also. Annoying right?! Yes, it is really annoying especially if you are going for a meeting, an appointment.

Or even an interview for a new work that you have just found. How does that feel? They will surely tag you as an unserious person and even refuse to give you the work.

Common Car Problems can be really bad and frustrating when your car stops in the mainroad, highway, and even on the express which is very much annoying. The reason is that you will hardly see anyone to help you on the expressway unless you decide to start calling a mechanic which is the only way out.



Common Car Problems

Or you leave your car to start trekking down or to board a bus. That is the more reason you should always check your car to be sure it’s in a good condition before you leave for anywhere with your car.

Checking Car Condition

However, it is of no doubt that some people always check their car condition before they drive and even after they park their car. But do you know that cars can be very tricky that when you check them this moment and see that they are in a very good condition The next time you may check it, you might notice the car having some faults or issues.

And that can be so annoying. Well, that doesn’t mean you should not be checking your car condition. At least, always check the condition your car is in once in a while or even every time to avoid unnecessary break down or car issues.

20 Most Common car Problems and Solutions

Car problems is one of the major issues that car owners or drivers face, that is why I have carefully decided to write this article for those that it may concern and help. Below are some common car problems and their possible solutions:

Dead Battery / New Battery Dead

Dead Battery is one of the major problems in cars and it is the most annoying thing that can ever happen to any driver. Sometimes, it might not be your new battery, it might even be your alternator.

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When such thing occurs, the best solution I can give is to jump start the car. To do this, you will be needing another car and jumper cables as well. Just open the hood of the two cars and take note of the positive terminal. The positive terminal is usually larger than the negative terminal in most batteries and it has a red cap too.

Now make use of the jumper cable to fix the positive terminals for the batteries. Fix the black cable from the negative terminal of the donor battery. Then fix the other side on a metal surface of your car. The next step is to start the donor car and allow it run for some minutes.

After some minutes, start up your car and make sure it is charged very well to crank the engine and come back to life. Lastly, do ensure always to first attach the positive terminals and always make sure that the wires from the two opposite terminals do not meet each other.

For new dead battery, all you need to do is to change the alternator. Sometimes, you might just have to change the connections.

Uneven Tyre Wear

Solution: The best solution to uneven or unbalanced tyre wear is to gets all the wheels balanced. Or to change the unbalanced tyre with the spare one to prevent any accident or difficulties in driving.

Engine Overheating

Engine overheating in a car simply signifies that your car has developed a problem and needs immediate attention. The engine of the needs to be cooled to prevent it from overheating continuously.


When you experience engine overheating in your car, try checking the coolant levels and put it up to the mark.

Low Fuel Mileage

One of the major problem of low fuel efficiency is rough driving. Although, if the fuel efficiency of your car is really dropping even with he fact that you drive responsibly, then it is high time you service your car. And if after this warning, you still feel reluctant, then get ready for more car problems.

Just like O2 sensors, spark plugs, fuel injectors as well as air filters getting dirty and clogged up. And because of that, these car parts will not be able to operate or work so efficient for optimum combustion of fuel.


So, to avoid those problems, try to always service your car and clean up or change the parts each time issues like that comes up.

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Car Rattle

The major cause of car rattle is probably maybe you have hit a pot hole that is very huge enough to shake some parts of the car loose.


Search for where the sound is coming from. Then purchase some sound deadening adhesive, if you have any, it is fine. You can as well make use of a chewing gum for small application, if you are a miser. Now, apply the adhesive yourself to places, if only you can place back the parts that you pulled out before.

Common Car Problems:  Exhaust Smoke

Strange smokes coming out from the tailpipe of your car isn’t a good thing and different colors of smoke coming out from the tailpipe of your car means a different thing.

  • Black Smoke: Black smoke coming out from the tailpipe of your car means that too much fuel is being burnt in the combustion chambers. The reason is because of a leak in the fuel injector, a restriction in the fuel combustion pipe, or a stuck fuel pressure regulator.

This kind of smoke usually occurs in old cars and it is very important that you check the leaks through the help of a specialized mechanic.

  • White or Grey Smoke: White smokes coming out from from the tailpipe of your car shows that the coolant is combusted together with the fuel. And that there is a leakage somewhere in the head gasket, engine block, and the cylinder head.
  • Blue Smoke: The blue smoke coming out from the from the tailpipe of your car shows that there is a leakage in the valve seals. Or it might be that the piston rings have worn out. And this is making the engine oil to find its way into the combustion chamber which is thereby making the oil to burn along with the fuel and causing Blue Smoke.


In this case,get a specialized mechanic to check the leaks.

Squealing Brakes

Squealing Brake is also one of the major Common Car Problems. This particular problem is not safe and very unpleasant. The major cause of this problem is worn-off brake pads.


Not paying attention to squealing brakes is more like causing more harm to your car. And even to yourself in particular. The reason is that failure to pay attention to it can lead to accident. So, to avoid this, or anytime you notice your brakes going all high pitched.

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Replace your brake pads from a trusted , experienced and reliable car service partner.

Common Car Problems: Vibrating Steering Wheel

This is usually due to rough driving. In severe cases, it is a faulty steering rack.

Solution: Try balancing the wheel. Also, try doing wheel alignment also for your contentment.

Squeals from below the bonnet

This is also one Common Car Problems. The major cause of this is slipping fan belt or serpentine belt, whichever one you call it.


Purchase a recommended belt for that engine. It can as well be changed by either loosening the alternator or the tension er.

Odd fluid smell in your garage or where your car is being packed?

This odd smell might be as a result of one fluid leakage somewhere around. Check around the car, the floor and below the car for any fluid leakage.


If after checking, and you see any stain on your garage floor or where the car is being parked. Then it is very obvious that there is a leakage. I will advice you carefully drive down to a local mechanic because the leak isn’t that bad. In this case if you try fixing things yourself, it might result to mistakes.


Other car problems include:

  • AC not working
  • Failure to start engine
  • Blown fuse
  • Wet interiors
  • Radiator fail
  • Faulty spark plug
  • Low engine oil level
  • Car paint fading and chipping
  • Faulty electrical
  • Car lockout
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