Tesla Roadster: Things you Should Know About the Fastest Car in the World


It is true that there are many cars considered the fastest car in the world. But when it comes to acceleration Tesla Roadster is the quickest. You need to admit that when it comes to being the best Tesla Roadster got it all covered.

Though it has been argued if Bugatti Chiron is faster than Tesla roadster. With all the comparisons and speculation in terms of being extremely quick, Tesla takes the lead.

Tesla Roadster


Base Specs About Tesla Roadster

  • It has an Acceleration of 0-60 mph{Miles per-hour} at 1.9 secs.
  • An acceleration of 0-100 mph{miles per-hour} at 4.2 secs.
  • An acceleration of 1/4 mile at 8.8 secs.
  • A wheel Torque of 10,000 NM{nano-meter}.
  • An All-wheel-drive
  • Mile Range of 620 miles
  • A seating of 4
  • And a Top-speed of over 250 mph.
  • It is considered the first supercar to set every performance record and be able to fit seating for four.
  • It has a light weighted and removable glass roof that stores in the trunk for an open-air.
  • A convertible driving experience.
  • As an all-power-electronic super-car, Roadster maximizes the potential of aerodynamic engineering, with record-setting performance and efficiency.

Who Designed The Tesla Roadster

The mighty Tesla Roadster was designed by a former worker of Volkswagen and Mazda who goes by the name Franz von Holzhausen.

He designed the car with a 4 seating arrangement {2 front seats and 2 back seats} Though the rear seats for two passengers are smaller.

It has two electric motors {one at the front and two at the rear} which allows for an All-wheel-drive.

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This is one amazing all-electric sports car.

Who manufactured the Tesla Roadster?

Tesla Roadster was made by Tesla Inc.

As I mentioned above, it can attain an mph of 0-60 in just 1.9 secs. Come to think about what that kind of car is capable of doing.

It has set a space for itself in the sports arena that no other car has been able to attain so far.

Its mph is the fastest among any street-legal production car to date.

This particular roadster is the successor to the first car that Tesla has produced which was in 2008.

However, the CEO of Tesla who goes by the name Elon Musk made a statement. He said that this roadster will be released for sale after the release of the revised Model S.

This Model S is expected to be in late 2020.

Elon said that higher-performance trim levels will be available above the base specifications.

Moreover, it is said that a space X package with about 10 cold gas thrusters will be included.

History Behind Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk made a suggestion. He said that by 2014, a new version of the roadster without the Lotus chassis would return to production.

They referred to it at that time as Tesla Model R.

The same CEO “Elon Musk” also suggested a new roadster that will be capable of a faster acceleration in 2015.

In the year 2016, a tweet by Elon Musk also confirmed that they have a second roadster that was still in work. Though it was still some years away.

At the end of a semi-event held by Tesla on the 16th of November 2017. Which was scheduled to reveal the new Tesla semi-electric truck. The new version was revealed.

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This event took place at the “Tesla Design Studio” with lots of expected plans and targets for it.

These plans include: reaching a quarter-mile at 8.8 secs, acceleration of 0-60 Mph in 1.9 secs, and 0-100 in 4.2 secs.

The new 2020 version of Tesla was shown at a surprising moment.

There were test rides that took place at the event. Then followed the world-record speed that Tesla said its going to over-rule.

An important feature called the “SpaceX package” was revealed for the roadster in June 2018.

This particular amazing feature will add up to ten cold gas thrusters which would improve its maneuverability.

One at the front, and two at the rear.

Other Features

  • It has three electric motors.
  • A 200 kWh battery.

He had said in 2018 that an electric pump that will be used to recharge an air tank will be added.

That air tank will be used to provide a compressed air that would be flowing through the propelling nozzles. In order to generate a cold thrust.

They will use the thrusters to improve its acceleration, top-speed…etc.

He had said that its working pressure would be up to 10,000 psi.

Well, it is true that it might take until 2022 before fans can go for a ride in the All-powered-electric Car.

However this super is supported by 10,000 Newton meters of wheel torque from its A.W.D configuration.

This car has been seen in an amazing and gorgeous cherry-red color.

It has also appeared in white color.

We have been discussing how awesome and fantastic it is all way long. Now is the time to go in detail about its M.S.R.P.

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Although the 2010 Tesla Roadster cost $109,000. The faster sports model of it starts at $128,500.


This 2020 all-power charged roadster is stated to have a base price of $200,000.

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