Take a Look at the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor With its Twin-Turbocharge Leaked


2022 Ford Ranger Raptor is not just an ordinary truck. Ford made a beast of a truck that caught the attention of everyone. The Ranger has been sold From the European market to Australia, North America, and then to the rest of the world.

The Ranger is not something new but this new 2022 model is going to come with a lot of new amazing features with its Twin Turbocharge included. Ford decided to stick the Raptor badge on its back.

This Ranger truck is going to be powered by a 2.7 Ltr V6 engine. Though the main Ford raptor varies in powertrains and specifications. Yet it is still the same truck in the end.


2022 Ford Ranger Raptor

There are some things needed to be known about the 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor. It is going to be a strong looking Truck with no visible flaws.

The aspect of the 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor

It is going to come with a 2.3-Ltr turbocharged engine which will be mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission and supported by an electric motor. This will aid a combined horsepower of 362. It will also surface with a 502 pound-feet of torque. The powertrain of the 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor is nothing similar to the one found in the new Ford Explorer and Ford Escape.

The new Raptor according to reports is also getting two diesel options which probably will be offered in Europe and Australia. But not in the US.

Developing the next generation Ranger is not something easy. And Ford is currently hard at work developing it.
About the 2018 Ranger Raptor

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2022 Ford RaptorThe Ranger Raptor introduced in 2018 has been proven to be very popular. Even though it is being powered by a 2.0-ltr Bi-turbo four-cylinder engine with quite a little power with a towing capacity of only 5,511 lbs(2,500 kg).

Although the report from “Car Advice” asserts that the Ranger Raptor for the next generation will be issued with the twin-turbo 3.0-ltr V6 engine. That will come with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Which is just as the Ford Explorer ST which is rated 400 horsepower and a torque of 415 lb-ft.Ford Raptor 2022

Even though it is not quite enough to match the Ford F-150 Raptor’s 3.5-ltr twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 engine. Which has 450 horsepower and torque of 509 lb-ft? It has more than enough power for the normal ranger.

The 2022 Ranger Raptor might also be made available with Ford’s 3.0-ltr Power Stroke turbodiesel V6 engine with 248 hp and torque of 442 lb-ft. Which will also be mated to a 10-speed transmission.

The 2022 Raptor’s Ability

Apart from the two available engines. The 2022 Ranger Raptor will comprise of enlarged brakes, custom fox shocks, off-road tires. And it will also come with a wider track. This is in order to enhance its off-road abilities.

The front of the ranger has hints from both the 14th generation F-150 and the Bronco that just came out. The front end is way more modernized.


It has a C-shaped LED headlight that wraps around the grille. The vehicle’s off-road ability makes it outstanding even though it can’t be compared to the new Ford F-150.

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