The Fastest Roadster

Records Broken By Tesla Roadster: The Fastest Roadster


Everyone was completely stunned at the fastest Roadster Semi-unveiling with Elon Musk’s statement. Regarding what he said as one more thing to be a prototype of the next-generation Roadster.

The Fastest Roadster

What surprised everyone was not only that they unveiled an amazing car. It was all the spectacular features that was stated it was going to come with.

Just imagine the kind of record a car with a 200 kWh battery pack, that is capable of attaining up to 0-60 mph in just 1.9 secs. And also 0-100 mph in 4.2 secs is capable of breaking.


Elon Musk said that “the new Tesla Roadster is going to be the fastest car ever built, end of story”. Though he said that but I surely know that it won’t be for long.

There are many competitors in the sporting arena which is going to make it difficult for it to retain its title as the “fastest Roadster ever built”.

This second-generation roadster has beaten the nine-sec record for the American legendary quarter-mile.

In record status, it is apparently the first time that a car is reaching the two-second limit. This highly impressive car has been able to put itself in the Bugatti Chiron and veryon class.

Also an incredible torque of 10,000 NM which makes it one in a million performance car.
It has twice the capacity of the older one-fitted Tesla Model x and X.

One other amazing feature about it is that it has a glass Targa top that is retractable and can be stored in the boot.

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Though it is one costly car as it rounds up to about $200,000 which is about or about 169 euros and another $50,000 if you want a special edition “Founder’s series” Roadster.

How To Get A Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster can be gotten by making a deposit over the website. If you are yearning for the “Founders Series”. you will have to drop down about 4,000 euros. Which you will pay another 211,000 euro’s within the range of ten days.

It is made known that people can also reserve a regular production Roadster with a deposit of $50,000 deposit.

Elon Musk said that the New Tesla Roadster will only hit the tech market in 2020.

Seth got a quick test ride just after placing a $5,000 deposit.

Who wouldn’t be able to sacrifice $250,000 for such an amazing car?

If money is just nothing hard for you to get just like an average citizen. Spending it on such a spectacular high tech car won’t be something to remorse about.

This All-powered car claimed to have set a record at the famous Laguna Seca track in California. It is now going to take the most famous track in the sports arena.

Which is Germany’s Nurburgring? Reports have stated that the “model S” finished the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 27 secs. This is about 19 sec faster than the Porch Taycan EV prototype.

Tesla is testing its prototype in famous racetracks.

The reports gotten from those laps are surely something to be bragging about. It has succeeded in using those reports to set a very high record for itself.

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And have even used those reports to break the record of the world’s fastest car.

It has not only become the fastest car so far. It has become the first four-door car to be in the record as the fastest ever.

This Roadster is really mind-blowing as both its fastness and the ground-hugging. It will make it feel like you are experiencing a fast-lane which you actually are.

If you haven’t watched its video you won’t be able to know how fast it actually is. So I will advise you to go do just that on  YouTube as it is on YouTube.


You can download in order to have the recap whenever you feel like reliving its awesomeness.

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