Polestar Precept Grand Tourer EV

Polestar Precept Grand Tourer to enter production


The Polestar Precept Grand Tourer is Volvo’s electric spin-off brand stylish for door car. The four-door electronic concept was unveiled earlier this year as a showcase for the aspirations of Volvo’s new sporting brand, both in terms of innovative sustainable materials and in terms of its design.

Polestar Precept Grand Tourer Preview

These however include flat-based composites. Which cut weight by up to 50% and attains a reduction in plastic weight of up to 80%. The EV Precept interior also makes use of materials such as reclaimed fishing nets, PET bottles, and recycled cork vinyl.

Polestar Precept Grand Tourer EV


Brand boss, Thomas Ingenlath said that the positive reaction to the electric grand tourer was a key influence on this decision. While suggestion has been made for the Precept shape to be used as the inspiration. For both for styling features on the upcoming Polestar 3 SUV and a Tesla Model S-rivalling saloon that will make its arrival in the future.

The automaker has however decided to place its production as close to its concept as possible. And that includes a commitment to make use of many sustainable materials to minimize its use of plastic and reduced its carbon footprint.

More Important Notes

Ingenlath said “Once we did the precept and stood in front looking at it….my God. Sometimes you just do something and you’re really tempted.”

He also said that after they revealed the precept, they read articles on it and had people seeing it. And that gave them the conviction that the design was what people liked and that it could be a real hit.
The brand boss furthermore said that the precept is “at least three years from being ready for production”.

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Polestar Precept Concept Backview


He however added by saying that the machine will follow Polestar’s number-based nomenclature. But it will be called Precept as it used to during development. He also so said that the exact number used would depend on where the firm’s model launch plans the production Precept comes.
Inglenlath hinted it would have a “competitive” range and the performance required to put it on par in the premium sports cars market. Even though Polestar hasn’t revealed any firm technical details or targets for the Precept.

The precept concept is 3.1 meters long, and this is 150mm longer than a Model S. And Polestar say it is to create rear head and legroom, and also to allow for a large battery.

Interior Features

On the inside, the concept features the next-generation version of Polestar’s Android-based infotainment system. With a 15-inches portrait-orientated central touchscreen and a 12.5-inches digital instrument cluster.

Polestar Precept


The Polestar will be manufactured in China, which is Polestars’ home market, an all-new manufacturing facility that is recently planned. The plant will not only be carbon neutral but also one of the most connected and intelligent automotive facilities worldwide.

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