Fastest Kia car

Kia Stinger Review: Which Kia Stinger is the Fastest?


The fastest Kia car is yet to be disclosed. However, if you wish to get the knowledge of it then keep scrolling. There are many extremely fast cars compared to Kia’s model of cars. Moreover,  the Kia cars are really coming up in terms of speed. As their fastest car which is the Kia stinger is rising up surprisingly when it comes in terms of horsepower and acceleration.

According to reports and records, the Kia stinger is the fastest car ever made by Kia. But when referring to Kia’s stinger. There isn’t only one version as they keep coming up with a new and upgraded version.

I’m going to focus on the fastest Kia model but before that, I will like to give you a review on the stingers 2018, 2019, and 2020 version.


Fastest Kia Stinger

The Kia stinger is a sedan car manufactured by the Kia company. It has been able to blow the automotive community on a regular basis as it always comes up with something stunning to offer the masses.

Fastest Kia car

They always come up with new versions that have a high performance and an amazing style that can completely challenge their rivals. With its latest model, it will be a difficult challenge for its rivals.

Fastest Kia Car Review

  • The three trims of the stinger all come with an extremely powerful 3.3L twin-turbo V6 engine that releases out 365 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm. Together with a torque of 376 pound-feet.
  • All stinger models come with the configuration of a rear-wheel drive. But even at that, they all offer an available all-wheel-drive.
  • They have the latest updates and tweaks from Kia both for the 2019 and 2020 version.
  • The 2020 stinger comes with a lot of improvement compared to the one it succeeded. The 2020 Stinger is a sedan with a go-fast glory.
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Kia Stinger has a lot of features attached to it.

It is a sedan that will be comfortable to ride all day. The car comes with an upscale interior design that would draw you yearning for more. It has a large rear hatch to improve cargo space. The stinger also comes with an extensive warranty.

Though the 2020 stinger more compared to other related sedans like the Accord. However, I think it is worth the price as it has more composite features compared to other sedans. Its performance and quality are highly upgraded compared to other sedans.

The stinger is fun to drive. You will be very impressed when you hit the accelerator of how it thrust from the twin-turbo V6. It is tested to beat the range of 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds. This is kind-of quick but not compared to other luxury sports sedans.

This Stinger handles the motion well when you turn on the ignition and hit the acceleration.
The steering is in a moderate condition in relation to the other Kias which are feeling too-light.

Its Comfortability

While in its standard driving mode, the suspension dampers and smooth out the imperfections on the road. The sport is firmer and livable.

It is quite less sophisticated compared to other luxury sedans.
Here are some of its features for the fans that are interested

Kia Stinger 2018 Features

  • A mid-size sedan with a styling that is coupe-like
  • A Rear/all-wheel-drive
  • Eight-speed standard automatic engine
  • It has an available Twin-turbo V-6 engine
  • Available automatic emergency braking
  • Combined Mpg(miles-per-gallon): 20 to 25.
  • Body style: Sedan
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MSRP: Ranging from $23,998-$41,180

Kia Stinger 2019 Features

  • Rear/All-wheel-drive
  • Turbo four-cylinder/twin-turbo V-6
  • Available automatic emergency braking
  • Standard Eight-speed automatic
  • Standard Blind spot warning
  • Coupelike styling Mid-size hatchback.
  • Body style: Sedan
  • Combined Miles per gallon: 20 -25
    MSRP: Ranging from $32,990 – $52,400

Features and specs of 2020 Stinger

  • It has entertainment levels of performance
  • A generous warranty coverage
  • It comes with a stylish and sporty appearance
  • Comes with a hatchback utility
  • It has a refined utility.
  • Its blindspot warning is now standard
  • Twin-turbo V6 or turbo four-cylinder
  • Automatic and standard eight-speed
  • Both rear or all-wheel drive.
  • Available automatic emergency braking
  • Coupelike styling of the hatchback.
  • What’s new about the Stinger?
  • Standard wireless Charger
  • Its base model is now called GT-Line
  • It is a part of the Kia Stinger which was introduced in 2018.
    MSRP: $33,090 – $52,500
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