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Apple Watch Digital Car Keys and its Compatibility List


Apple Car Key. Some of you all might have heard of the Apple Watch Car Key and might also be wondering how it is used, what it is used for, or how it works. Well, this guide will show what you need to know about the Apple Watch Car Key, how it works, and its compatibility list too. Apple Car Key

Apple Watch Car Key

If you have been searching for how you can add car keys to your Apple Watch, you can follow the steps below:

How to add car keys to your Apple Watch

Here is how to add car keys to your Apple Watch:

  • Firstly, you add the car keys to the Wallet app on your iPhone that is paired with your Apple Watch.
    Next, you open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Now, in the “My Watch tab”, scroll down to click on “Wallet & Apple Pay”.
  • Then click on Add next to the card for your car key.
  • In step one above, here is how to add the car keys to the Wallet app on your iPhone:

How to add car keys to the Wallet app on your iPhone

Here is how to add car keys to the Wallet app on your iPhone:

  • Firstly, you ensure that your car is being linked with the account provided by the manufacturer of the car
    Next, you open the app of the car manufacturer and follow the rest instructions to set up a key.
  • As soon as the app sends you to the Wallet app, click on “Continue”.
  • Now, put your iPhone on the key reader.
  • Then for your iPhone and your Car to pair.
  • Lastly, click on “Done”.
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Apple Car Keys

Apple Car Keys is a digital protocol that enables an Apple Watch or iPhone with NFC capabilities to lock, unlock, start, and even control an NFC-capable vehicle. Cars got no NFC functionality by default, so this literally means that a feature needs to be implemented by manufacturers of automobiles just like “CarPlay”.

How does it works?

The pairing process is done via the Wallet app, and this means users can keep “digital keys” around the Wallet app, thereby enabling them to lock, unlock, or operate their vehicles making use of either an Apple Watch or an iPhone.

Justy the way it was displayed during the WWDC 2020 keynote, drivers can hold their device close to the handle of the car to unlock it making use of NFC technology>

Once in the vehicle, the driver needs to place their device in the NFC reder or even the wireless charger to start the car. You can share CarKey with other people through iMessage, such as friends, families, etc.

Digital Car Keys

Digital Car Keys for a car makes use of your smartphone to operate the door locks of a vehicle and start the engine as well. And this simply means that you do not need to carry the key fob along with you. So many automakers provides digital key technology. Let us take BMW for instance. BMW digital car key is compatible with Apple iPhone.

How to Set Up a Digital Car Key

Here is how to set up a digital car key:

  • Hold the iPhone close to the door handle of the car. The NFC reader installed in the handle will sync with your phone and unlock the door. Once you do that, you should now see the Wallet app open and show the digital key of your car. If the doors are unlocked already, holding the phone close to the handle will surelock the door.
  • Put your iPhone on the key reader location in the car. This is equal to putting a key in the ignition. You can now operate the car the normal way. Like depressing the brake and holding down the ignition brake.
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Apple Car Key Compatibility

The Apple Car Key feature can only be accessible on iPhone XR and later versions of the iOS smartphones. Aside from Apple smartphones, the Apple smartwatches will also be able to make use of this feature. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 5 will be able to make use of this feature just by using the watchOS & updates.

Although, users of Apple Watch Series 4 who have similar hardware specs won’t be able to make use of this feature.

Apple Car Key Device Compatibility List

Below is the Apple Car Key Compatible list:

  • iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (2nd gen)
  • Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Car Key Compatible Cars List

According to some reports, it was confirmed that only a few BMW cars are compatible with Apple Car Key. The reason is that BMW is the first automotive manufacturers to Partner with Apple on the Apple Car Key.

Well, other cars can make use of this feature if only they adopt the innovation by Apple. But for now, only BMW has partnered with Apple on the feature and only the car is compatible with Apple Car Key.


Compatible cars with Apple Car Key include:

  • BMW Series 1
  • The BMW Series 2
  • BMW Series 3
  • The BMW Series 4
  • BMW Series 5
  • The BMW Series 6
  • BMW Series 8
  • The BMW Series X5
  • BMW Series X6
  • The BMW Series X7
  • BMW SeriesX5M
  • The BMW SeriesX6M
  • BMW Series Z4
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