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Apple Car 2024: Apple will Release a Self Driving car in 2024 Amazing


Apple Car. Apple is said to be working on an electric car project which it had plans of launching some few years down.

The top-secret project by Apple is said to be in the works at a secret lab known as “SG5” in Sunnyvale, Calif. Well, this effort is said to be known as “Project Titan” and might one day become an “Apple Car”.

Apple Car


Rumors had it that Apple is currently working so hard on so many different kinds of automotive projects which could lead to an AppleCar ultimately. Well, the entirety of this research falls under the title knows as the “Project Titans”.

Apple Car Design

At first, Project Titan was said to involve an electric vehicle we are calling the “Apple Cae” delivered by 2019 or even 2020. However, towards the end of 2015, the program saw a great failure of leadership (this was according to one source).

Which managers quarreled over where Titan was actually going to. And this resulted in the departure of Steve Zadesky, the project leader.

Anyways, the design, as well as the technology behind the Project Titan, still remained so much in flux, sources mentioned. Apple at a point considered making use of the BMW’s i3 as the basis for its Apple Car.

Well, both Apple and BMW have talked about being potential partners to each other, though both Daimler and BMW ended the conversation with Apple over who might head the project and possibly own the data.

Apple Car Features

The applecar has got so many features of which includes:

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Self-Driving Systems

Companies, not excluding BMW, Google, and Volkswagen are trying out their self-driving cars already on public streets in California.

While Apple is yet to be part of them, the California DMV mentioned to Tech Insider that Aple has met with authorities to talk about the regulations on building a self-driving car.

Still, The Wall Street Journals reports that Apple’s first car ever will not have self-driving technology.

But just like BMW and Tesla, Apple could add an “Autopilot” feature that allows the car to self-park and carry out other autonomous (partially) functions. Say, navigating at low speeds in tight areas.

In all, Apple might still develop a self-driving car soon.

Built-in security against cyber attacks

Apple could have a great advantage in the smart car space if only it develops a vehicle that is as secure as the rest of its products. As we all know that the mobile phones of Apple are really more secured than the Android phones.

So, I guess this wouldn’t be a big deal at all for Apple.

Siri to control all that is happening in the car

The Siri will be capable of turning the infotainment system of your vehicle into an iPhone menu. Since Apple could launch this in its smartphones. We should be expecting it though in its iCar.

So many displays for data and entertainment

When we take a look at the smartphones of Apple and ever drastically all of its products, its display is really superb. So, I don’t think this should be a big deal in an Apple car.

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Other features we should expect in iCar include:

  • Eye-tracking technology for improved access to functions
  • Gesture control
  • Integration with Apple Watch and iPhone to remotely control and monitor the car
  • A retractable steering wheel
  • A high level of personalization.

Release Date

In December, last year, which is 2020, we learned that Aple is working on a car, and now, the company plans on releasing its own car in 3 to 6 years’ time.

According to Reuters, they could release their car in 2024, however, Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst mentions that the iCar won’t be released till 2025 to 2027 at the earliest.

Apple Car Price

The team mentioned that the iCar, AppleCar is likely to have a price tag of about $55,000 which is about £36,000 at the time of writing.


And that makes it half the price of the Model S of Tesla in the United Kingdom. Which could give the fruit-shaped company a great advantage in the electric car industry.

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