Cars with low budget maintenance

Low Maintenance Cars: Cars With Low Budget Maintenance


Low budget maintenance cars will be in the mindset of anyone wanting to purchase a car with the current situation of the country.

Money is something that is not easy to get. Any amount you have at your disposal needs to be properly managed and not recklessly spent.

You need to properly invest any cash you have and not spending it anyhow may be because you have a lot at your disposal.


If you are on the look-out for cars that won’t cost much in maintaining then you need to keep scrolling.

In this article, I will brief you on the cars worth buying in order to properly manage your money on the cost of its maintenance.

Some people might not understand what I meant when I said low budget maintenance cars.

By low budget maintenance cars, it means cars that will cost you less money in maintenance.

It will be hard to keep a car that is always on the road in good shape during the rainy season. Most especially if its a high-cost maintenance car.

During the rainy season, the road is not always in favor of car owners or car drivers. As the road won’t be in a good shape due to the rain and the environmental hazards.

Below you will see a list of cars with low budget maintenance

If you are interested to know how to properly manage your money on your car then keep scrolling.

List Of Cars With Low Budget Maintenance

1. Honda Civic(2001-2006)

When speaking about honda’s, the civic is among the list of cheap maintenance vehicles.

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The replacement isn’t hard to find and it is also very cheap compared to other sedans. Its parts are always readily available when in need.

Cars With Low Budget Maintenance


Moreover, the car’s design allows most of its repairs to be easy to perform.

As time progresses, the Honda company abandoned some parts with known replacement periods. Such as timing belts.

This hereby means that the car lasts longer with low maintenance.
And it is also quite less expensive to obtain.

2. Chevrolet Silverado(2003-2007)

There is a lot of room around its engine making it easy to work on. Which makes labor cheaper.

Big M Chevrolet

And also the technology on its own is also straightforward.

Thus, leading to even cheaper labor. It is a perfect easy to maintain the car as parts aren’t rare, rather they are easy to be found.

Both the V6 and V8 models of this car are cheap to maintain.

3. Honda CR-V(1996-2016)

Honda cars are very strong to be damaged just like that. They hold their value as they are very durable.


The CR-V is no exception when it comes to durability.

The frequency of ” check engine light” of the 1996 model to the 2016 model had the lowest frequency repairs among all vehicles from the same range of date.

Its level of having fewer problems puts it in the list of the low budget maintenance cars.

4. Toyota Corolla(1998-2017)

The Toyota Corolla is among the most widely sold cars ever with over 44.1 million corollas being sold ever since it was launched in 1966. And most of it is still on the way.


However, It is one of the cars that are to be relied upon and can be easily purchased. The widespread availability of its parts and its popularity adds it to the list of cars with low budget maintenance.

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5. Honda Accord (2003-2014)

Its previous models(models before the 2003 model year comes with a timing belt.


Though the timing belt has been long forgotten as it was no longer in the versions of the 2003 model onwards. Without going into details or emphasizing on how reliable it can be.

You should know that all Honda is to be relied on. As the name it has made on itself when it comes to durability is enough to boost the confidence of the masses.

So there is no need to make more emphasis on how durable and low budget maintaining it can be.

6. Nissan Altima(2008-2015)

It comes with a warranty of 5-years which makes it budget-free in terms of repairs as it is already covered within that 5-years.

Cars with low low budget maintenance

Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Norfolk

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be refilling it with fuel. It has a 60,000-mile limited power train coverage and this makes it competitive with other brands.

It is also easy to service when issues arise or something went wrong.
One common thing it is known for is its strong engine and its reliability.

7. Jeep Wrangler(2008-2017)

Due to its modernized engine and simple drivetrain and suspension.


It is considered easy to maintain.

Labour won’t take long due to the traditional layout of the internal components.

The new versions aren’t quite as spacious as the old ones yet it is still somehow a cheap car to maintain.

8. Toyota Camry(2008-2015)

Speaking of Toyotas, apart from the corolla the Camry is also a great choice to make.

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With the current situation of the country now, cars with low budget maintenance will be in the mindset of anyone wanting to purchase a car.
It is known for having most of the benefits that the corolla possesses and even more.


It has a four-cylinder engine that is easy to repair thereby making it cheaper to maintain.
Thus, is a classic low-maintenance car.

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