9 Best Cars for Teenagers - Affordable Teens Cars Boys/Girls

9 Best Cars For Teenagers – Affordable Teen cars Boys / Girls


The best cars for teenagers will be listed below but before that let’s go on a little briefing. Kids are the pride of every parent. And they are willing to go to extreme lengths just to put a smile on their kid’s faces. If money is not an issue then they will consider buying a car for their teenage children.

9 Best Cars for Teenagers - Affordable Teens Cars Boys/Girls

Where there is love, there is wealth.


How can you show your kids that you really love them? You can profess your love to them by fulfilling their desires.

The desire of most teenagers(boys and girls) is to have a ride (car) of their own. If you can’t be able to afford the expensive ones, then this is just for you.

Below is the list of affordable and best cars for teenagers. Be sure to make your choice thereby fulfilling the wish of your cause of joy.

Best Cars For Teenagers

Here is the list of the best car you can provide for your teenage kids

1. Ford Fiesta

Many people will like the Fiesta because of its cuteness. It is not just cute but also fun to ride.
Even with its diminutive size.

The Best Car For Teenagers


For its strong performance, it earned a top safety pick award. Due to its strong performance for high safety crash tests in the insurance institute.
However, out of five stars, it scored only four in the government barrier test.

One good thing about the Fiesta is that even with its low fuel consumption, it still has a low price.

It has some other features which parents will cherish. These features include SYNC: It allows voice control of iPods and cell phones and also helps to keep the attention of young drivers on the road.

Though it is not advisable to go for the Fiesta ST Model as it is a high-performance turbocharged terror which is fun to ride and is bound to get young drivers into big trouble.

MSRP for 2020 version is:$16,763-$26,458.

2. Chevrolet Spark

In terms of safety as all parents want to keep their teenage offspring safe.

The Chevrolet Spark will be among the first category to consider when buying a car for your teen.

Best cars For Teenagers

The Car Connection

Parents who are on the verge of buying a car for their teen will want to buy the best car. And with such in mind, the Chevrolet Spark should be on the list.

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It is one of the best protected small cars with a whopping ten airbags which is more than many high-end luxury cars.

It is the only Mini car to earn a Top Safety Pick Award. It had problems with the tough new overlap crash test which makes it miss out on the top safety Pick Plus rating.

It is an affordable car for starters, Easy and fun to drive, Fuel-efficient. It also has an air conditioner with power windows thereby brimming with style and character.

2020 version’s MSRP: $13,220-$17,720

3. Kia Soul

However, this car has been on the list of the best cars for teenagers for quite some time probably a few couples of years.

Best Cars For Teenagers

The Car Connection

This was mostly because of its shape and uniqueness and also its low price. In 2017 Kia released a new soul. Even at that they still maintained its iconic styling. Its size made it easy to park.

It also has a good crash-test score on a Top Safety Pick from IIHS and it also got five out of five stars from the Fed.

The soul is also less expensive which makes it budget-friendly. It has been redesigned as a roomy crossover for teenagers who always like to go on a ride with friends.

The upgraded and latest 2020 Kia soul’s price is: $17,490-$27,490

4. Nissan Versa

Nissan is among the least-expensive cars sold worldwide. But the aspect of it being very affordable isn’t the only thing that makes it good for teenagers.


It is quite simple to drive and also fuel-efficient. To top that it has a navigation system that is not expensive which is helpful for new drivers and is also why it is among the best affordable cars.

Due to its funny and goofy styling, teens may object to it but will definitely like its roomy cabin as it provides space to haul friends.

The Nissan Note is a more attractive version offered by Nissan, and its price is a bit higher. With the quality of the car, it will surely be able to see the teen driver throughout school and college.

Latest 2020 version’s MSRP IS:$14,730-$18,240

5. Mitsubishi Mirage

It has a 5-year warranty and is easy to purchase and also less expensive to maintain which makes it one of the best cars for teenagers. Its 5-year warranty will be able to cover any problem that occurs with a range of 5 years.

The Best Cars For Teenagers


It has a 3-cylinder engine that produces enough power for it and is also good in fuel economy. It has a record of 44 Miles per gallon on the highway.

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It has seven airbags and a good crash test which is quite surprising due to its small size. The front-end has been designed for less-expensive repairs.

The styling is a bit pedestrian. The Mitsubishi Mirage is available in a palette of bright colors. It is a good way for your teen to begin in the management of his own car if you want him or her to take full responsibility.

Price of the latest version which is the 2020 version is: $13,995-$17,295

6. Hyundai Veloster

The Veloster Combines a fairly pedestrian powertrain with a cool, sports-car look.

It has a 1.6-liter engine that is responsible and tuned for fuel economy rather than speed. Both the interior and exterior are really cool.


It includes an iPod-compactible stereo and a standard BlueTooth speakerphone. This will help the teen drivers to keep their eyes on the road rater instead of on their devices.

The Veloster isn’t that much more expensive than an average compact sedan. It has an upgraded turbocharged version which is called the Veloster turbo.

It is amazingly fast and not recommendable for your teen if he or she goes on a freeway ride a lot.

The MSRP for the 2020 version is:$18,800-$28,350

7. Toyota Yaris

The 2017 Toyota Yaris is among the best cars for teenagers as it is an outstanding example of a fun car for starters. It comes with a modest price.


The Best Cars For Teenagers


It is either a six-speed manual or automatic. It comes with a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system and Bluetooth connectivity.

It keeps everything you might need while driving at your reach to avoid distractions.

It has a fairly simple layout for controls, enough trunk space, and a good stereo. Even though it is not the least expensive car, it is quite affordable.

The price for the latest version of this car which is the 2020 model is ranging from $24,325-$32,500

8. Toyota Prius C

The Toyota Prius c is suitable for your budding young teenager at home. It is considered the smallest and also the least-expensive hybrid car.


It has a combined 50 Mpg EPA rate. Its price is quite ok.

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It got IIHS top Marks in all except the tough new small-overlap tests, that’s where it scored the lowest rating.

It got only four out of five stars from the government. The Prius encourages hyper milling instead of street thereby keeping your kid safe.

The price for the latest version of this car which is the 2020 model is ranging from $24,325-$32,500

9. The Last But Not The Least Best Cars For Teenagers: Subaru Impreza

This car has been on the list for quite a long time due to its standard all-wheel-driving system. And this makes it one of the most sure-footed cars on the market till today.

It also has a safe seat belt in case of rough weather or driving on a bumper. With its all-wheel-drive, your inexperienced driver won’t lose control of the car in an emergency panic maneuver.

Best Cars For Teenagers


It won the insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick Award. Its latest has an affordable price tag.

It has an EPA highway rating of 36 Miles Per-gallon. It is affordable to buy compared to other front-wheel-drive cars.

If you are on the lookout for another type that has more swag compared to this then you will need to go for another Subaru version. Which is called the Crosstrek XV.


If you wish to go for the latest model which is the 2020 Model then the prize for it is ranging from $18,695-$25,795

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